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The Super Dust Deputy® - Metal

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Description: The Super Dust Deputy® - Metal


Turn Any Single Stage Collector Into A Super Cyclonic Dust Collector With The Super Dust Deputy®!

The Super Dust Deputy® was named as a 2011 Author's Choice by Fine Woodworking Magazine!
Fine Woodworking 2011 Author's Choice Award

Benefits & Features
    - Compact footprint saves valuable workshop space
    - Patented cyclone design removes over 99% of waste material from the airstream
    - Prevents clogging and extends the life of your vacuum and filter
    - Purchase our Optional 17 gal. Drum Kit or use your own! - Learn More
    - Retrofits to single stage ½hp to 3hp dust collectors
    - Includes the Super Dust Deputy® Cyclone, Gasket, and Mounting Hardware

Why Do I Need A Cyclone Separator?
Single stage dust collectors lose suction very quickly, unless a cyclone like the Super Dust Deputy® is in front to separate most of the dust from the air stream. The prevents your vacuum's filter from clogging, allowing you to worker for longer and safer.
Suction Performance Over Time Graph With And Without A Cyclone

Click here to learn more about how The Dust Deputy® cyclone works.

    - 17 Gal. steel drum with lid / hole pattern for Super DD - SEK170601
    - 5" to 4" Reducer - DRL050400
    - 6" to 5" Reducer - DRL060500
    - 6" to 4" Reducer - DRL060400

PLEASE NOTE: Reducers need to be crimped on the end fitting into the Super Dust Deputy®. Please specify in the notes on your order which end of the reducer you want crimped, or call 800-732-4065 with any questions.