Ductwork Design Services at Oneida Air Systems

Custom Ductwork Design

When you purchase an Oneida dust collector you invest in more than just dust collection. Your ductwork design is a roadmap and with Oneida's duct design services our professionals are responsible for building that road. At Oneida we believe it's our job to help our customers maximize their investment in our dust collection systems. This is one of the primary reasons why our custom design service is critical to the overall operation of your dust collector.

Our ductwork design fees are refundable when you purchase a system and your ductwork from Oneida.

Download Oneida's Shop Plan Design Form

The End Result

Your custom ductwork plan in an itemized easy to read list with assembly instructions. Details are also provided concerning the correct diameter pipe and fittings, and a determination on the proper airflow for your specific machines. Our engineering design service will maximize the performance of your dust collector even before it is shipped from our warehouse and installed in your shop.

New roads bring new directions, some requiring changes. If necessary during the design and ordering process Oneida will make revisions and adjustments to your ductwork plan as needed at no additional cost. Before, during and after the sale a qualified Oneida technician is available for additional support during the installation process.

For a limited time we’re including our Ductwork Design Service with the purchase of any of the following Dust Collection Systems

Ductwork Design Services are also available for our Industrial and Belt Driven Systems. Call 800-732-4065 for more information.