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220V Mini Gorilla Portable Cyclone Dust Collector

  • Industrial 220V U.S. made fan motor provides ample CFM for any single tool with a 4"-6" dust port.
  • High efficiency cyclone (over 99% separation) with smooth, compound molded surface.
  • 22 gallon mobile, drop-down, dust bin with liner bag holder and fill level viewing window.
  • 3rd party tested, hospital-grade HEPA filtration with non-stick membrane and vacuum hose port for easy cleaning.
  • Highly mobile and compact footprint ideal for smaller workshops with limited space.
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Portable, Powerful, & Perfectly Designed

The Mini-Gorilla™ is one of Oneida Air Systems' best designed products to date! Designed specifically for smaller workshops where the collector is moved from tool to tool, our Mini-Gorilla combines the quality and performance of a commercial system with the features and convenience of personal home units. Built to last a lifetime using industrial-grade materials, this portable system comes packed with new innovative features that have already earned it recognition as one of the best portable units on the market.

Recommended for tools with 4" to 6" dust collection ports, including lathes¹, jointers, shapers, planers, table saws, router tables, disc sanders¹, drum sanders, belt sanders¹, and more! Browse our selection of dust hoods to maximize your performance with open air tools such as lathes and sanders.

Innovative Benefits & Features

  • 1.5HP 220V Industrial U.S. Made Fan Blower Motor
  • Integrated High-Efficiency Cyclone Separator with 5" Inlet
  • 3rd Party Tested HEPA Cartridge Filter with Easy-Clean Port
  • Compact, Steel Mobility Stand with Locking, Non-Marking Casters
  • 22 Gallon Drop-Down Waste Container with Casters and Viewing Window
  • Plastic Liner Bag Gripping System (2 Free Bags Included)

XXPM010100H System Performance Curve
Oneida Air Systems provides "Actual CFM" ratings which reflect real-world airflow performance Learn More

Continuously High Airflow Performance

Your dust collector should perform at peak efficiency at all times to ensure the health, safety, and quality of your work. That's why Oneida Air uses only the highest quality motors with our dust collection systems. Far superior than the cheap, foreign imported motors used by other manufacturers, our industrial-grade motors are built to last a lifetime.

  • Industrial U.S. Bluffton® motor custom-tooled for Oneida Air Systems
  • High-efficiency 220V configuration runs lower amperage than 110V model
  • Delivers up to 600 Actual CFM - ample airflow for any woodworking tool
  • Industrial-grade brushless motor designed for continuous duty
  • Low pitch noise level provides ideal operator comfort
XXPM010100H Cyclone and Body

Streamlined Integrated Cyclone Separator

One of the four tenets of good dust collection is using a cyclone to remove waste from the incoming air. Once you've experienced the benefits of cyclonic separation there's no turning back!

  • Separates up to 99% of bulk debris and fine dusts from the airstream, containing it safely in the dust bin
  • Significantly extends the lifespan of the filter and reduces time needed for filter cleaning
  • Uniquely tall cyclone design maximizes particle separation performance
  • Neutral-vane inlet and integrated air ramp minimizes inbound air turbulence
  • Ideal for direct flex hose connections to tools
XXPM010100H True-HEPA Filter

High Quality & Serviceable Filtration

The Mini-Gorilla system uses hospital-grade, True-HEPA media cartridge filters that are specifically designed for dust collection applications - providing unbeatable airflow and filtration performance.

  • True-HEPA Filter media rated as 99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns
  • Tested and verified by an accredited independent lab
  • Requires zero pre-loading; works at peak efficiency right out of the box and after every cleaning
  • Wide-spaced pleating and non-stick PTFE membrane coating facilitates quick and easy maintenance
  • Vacuum hose port lets you clean fine dusts released from the filter without disassembling the system
  • Durable fiber construction and wire cage reinforcement maximizes longevity
  • Equipped with patented Flame Guard™ arrestor to satisfy future planned fire safety codes
XXPM010100H Mobile Support Stand

Lightweight, Compact, and Highly Mobile Design

We've optimized this system for smaller workspaces where the dust collector from tool-to-tool) so we've molded the cyclone, fan housing, filter plenum, and the drum from an industrial static dissipative resin.

  • 30% lighter than the nearest competitor system at only 85 lbs.
  • Small footprint and low height saves valuable space within the shop
  • Mobile tripod stand provides maximum stability and easy access for movement
  • Large 3" locking casters roll easily over obstacles and won't scuff your floors
XXPM010100H Dust Container

Easy-to-Handle Large Capacity Dust Container

The waste container of the Molded Mini Gorilla is a highly reinforced, lightweight, 22 gallon drum with non-marking casters. Easy to dettach and empty, the Mini-Gorilla's drop-down dust bin lets you work with maximum efficiency.

  • Large 22 Gallon capacity provides enough storage for hours of work
  • Dust level viewing window lets you see when the drum is getting full
  • Three quick-release latches lift the drum off the ground while system is in use for higher mobility
  • Bag gripper system lets you put disposal liner bags within the bin for quick and easy waste disposal
  • Features three free swiveling caster wheels and easy-carry handles for dumping
Motor TypeU.S. Bluffton® TEFC Motor
Motor Service Factor1.15
Recommended Breaker Size20A
Amperage (Typical)8A
Phase (Pre-Wired)1-Phase
Power ConnectorNEMA 6-20
Power Cord Length20 feet
Impeller TypeSingle-piece, backward inclined, non-sparking/non-ferrous, composite resin.
Impeller Size12" Dia.
Real CFM Rating583 Actual CFM at 2" S.P.
Maximum Suction9" WC
Noise Level84-85 dBA @ 10 ft
Filter Media TypeG.E. H12 HEPA
Filtration Efficiency99.97% @ 0.3 microns
MERV RatingMERV 16 ±
Total Filtration Area40 sq ft
Waste Capacity22 Gallon
Remote ControlSold Separately
Primary Build MaterialsGalvanized Steel, SD Polyethylene
Static Resistance RatingStatic Dissipative
Inlet Size5" OD
Height to Center of Inlet63"
ContentsBlower Motor Assembly, Single-piece Fan Housing/Filter Plenum/Cyclone Separator, Stand, 3x Wheels, Drum, 3x Drum Casters, 2x Liner Bags, Viewing Window, FlameGuard Cartridge Filter w/ Cleaning Port, Hardware
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Warranty Information1 Year Limited Warranty
Applicable Patents#7824457, #8377160, #8491686, #8496719, #7937803
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the overall assembled height?

The height of this unit is approximately 64"

What do I need to know about NFPA regulations?

Fire protection regulations are a complex and ever-changing set of rules that differ from facility to facility. Click the "read more" link to review our Best Practices for Dust Collection Fire Safety or contact us for more detailed assistance.

If they have the same horsepower, what's the difference between the 110V and 220V models?

In general, the 220V model will have lower running amperage than the 110V, which can be an advantage for operators using multiple tools on the same breaker. There is no difference in airflow performance between different voltage variations of the system. You should purchase the unit that best matches the power requirements of your shop.

Is this product compatible with Quick-Clamp Duct?

Yes but you will first need to install a Machine Adapter into the dust collector's inlet. These adapters are smaller on the raw end than traditional ducting so that they can slip into the ports on systems and tools i.e. a 5" Quick-Clamp Duct Machine Adapter will measure ~4.9" O.D. on the raw end.

What dust can be collected with your collector?

Oneida Air Systems' dust collectors are designed and tested for wood and wood dust. They can and have been be used effectively for various other dusts and chips such as drywall dust, paper dust, agricultural dust, metal chips and other forms of debris. The customer is however, cautioned that some common materials when cut, ground or processed by machinery may become very dangerous: highly toxic, flammable, or deflagrable and explosive and they should therefore ensure that you use your particular use of a dust collection system in accordance to national, state, local, NFPA, OSHA and all other applicable codes.

Can this be used for wet applications as well?

No. This system is designed for use collecting dry materials only.

How do I connect the Mini Gorilla to my tools?

The Mini-Gorilla's inlet measures as 5" on the outer diameter, making it ideal for accepting raw (uncrimped) ductwork fittings over the inlet such as reducers and quick-connects. Crimped ductwork will not usually fit into the inlet but can be done when necessary and secured in place with foil tape.Flex hose can also be pulled over the inlet but will generally be a tight fit. Heat (such as a hair dryer) can be gently applied to the molded inlet to make the resin more maleable and allow for easier hose fittings - exercise caution when heat-treating so as not to damage the system. OAS highly recommends our 5" Quick-Connect fitting (item #DQK050000) for making direct flex hose connections with the molded Mini Gorilla.

How is the Mini Gorilla filter cleaned? I don't see the typical hand crank.

The use of hand cranks that "beat" the filter can damage the filter's pleating material overtime, so our systems are not built with such systems. The filter on the Mini Gorilla dust collector is easily cleaned by blowing compressed air from the outside of the filter. This knocks the dust off of the pleats (which are coated with a non-stick, PFTE membrane) and the resulting fine dusts falls to the bottom of the filter. At the bottom of the filter is a 2.5" port. Simply open that port and the dust waste can be emptied into a bucket or connected to a shop vacuum for easy disposal. This can all be done without having to remove the filter from the system and helps maintain the filter's lifespan for years to come.

Is there a wall mount option?

No. We do not offer the Mini-Gorilla dust collector with a wall mounted option.

  California Residents: Please visit for information regarding Proposition 65 for our products.

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