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3HP Dust Gorilla Portable Cyclone Dust Collector w/ SMART Boost

SMART variable speed motor automatically adjusts the fan's RPM to maximize both suction and CFM - ideal for tools with mixed port sizes such as CNC machines. Portable system includes certified HEPA filtration, bin level sensor, remote control, and more.

Product Has Been Discontinued

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The Smart Dust Collector™is a patent pending, variable speed cyclone collector. It adjusts the impeller speed automatically to always generate the maximum amount of suction and airflow for a given horsepower.

US Patent No. 8,491,685
US Patent No. 8,491,686
US Patent No. 8,496,719
US Patent No. 8,514,090

Award Winning - The Smart Collector has won 3 awards.




2011 Innov8 Award

2010 Editors Choice - American Woodworker

IWF 2010 Challengers Award Finalist

WOOD Magazine, December / January 2011, Issue # 151 American Woodworker magazine, December / January, Issue #151. The Smart Collector was picked as Editor's Choice. It outperformed all other dust collectors. The Smart Dust Collector had the most airflow, highest suction and best filtration. The "Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award" is internationally recognized as one of the industry's highest honors in recognizing achievements in technology, process or significant contributions to environmental improvement in the woodworking industry.






Filtration - GE H12 certified HEPA media Filter. Variable Speed - Automatically adjusts to maximize suction and CFM Drum Full Strobe Light - Dust Sentry bin sensor flashes strobe light when dust barrel is full.  Highly visible - alerts you from across the room. Flame Guard Protection - Passive safety device to assist with OSHA compliance for industry.





Drop down 35 gallon steel dust barrel with castors.  Easy dust removal and clearance to travel over electrical cords. Patented V-Cyclone Technology - Higher efficiency fine separation than traditional cyclones. Radio Frequency Remote Control - Long range, works through walls. USA Made with Baldor Motor - US made in Syracuse, NY.  Serviceable motor with grease fittings.


Drum Liner - Includes a drum liner and hold down.


6 Inch Dia. Inlet
95 Sq-Ft GE H12 HEPA media filter. 99.97% of 0.3 - 0.5 microns
Flame-guard protection - passive safety device to assist with OSHA compliance for industry
Footprint - 33" x 48"
Height - 77"
Noise Level - 79-82dB @ 10'
Power Supply - 208-240V Single-phase power. 50-60hz. 19Amps
Cord - 12ga, 6 foot length. NEMA 6-20P Plug installed.
Maximum Static Pressure - 24" WC

CFM at end of hoses:    


Hose Length Static Pressure


6 Inch 10ft 3.0" 1040
5 Inch 10ft 9.5" 766
4 Inch 10ft 14" 634
3 Inch 10ft 17.5" 470
2.5 Inch 10ft 23" 385

PLEASE NOTE: The Smart System is not intended to be mounted outdoors. It must be in a weather-proof enclosure. Please call with any questions - 800-732-4065.

Motor TypeU.S. Leeson® TEFC Motor
Motor Service Factor1.15
Recommended Breaker Size30A
Amperage (Typical)19A
Phase (Pre-Wired)1-Phase
Power ConnectorNEMA 6-20
Power Cord Length20 feet
Impeller TypeSingle-piece, backward inclined, non-sparking/non-ferrous, cast aluminum alloy.
Impeller Size14-1/4" Dia.
Real CFM Rating1,040 Actual CFM at 3" S.P.
Maximum Suction24" WC
Noise Level79-82 dBA @ 10 ft
Filter Media TypeG.E. H12 HEPA
Filtration Efficiency99.97% @ 0.3 microns
MERV RatingMERV 16 ±
Total Filtration Area95 sq ft
Waste Capacity35 Gallon
Remote ControlIncluded
Primary Build MaterialsCold Rolled Steel
WeldingSeam Welded
Static Resistance RatingConductive (Metal)
Inlet Size6" Dia.
Height to Center of Inlet55"
ContentsBlower Motor Assembly, Variable Speed Driver, Magnetic Starter, Remote Control, Fan Housing, Cyclone Separator, Filter Plenum, FlameGuard Cartridge Filter, Internal Silencer, Stand, 3x Wheels, Drum, Bag Holder, 3x Drum Casters, Bin Level Sensor, Hardware
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Warranty Information2 Year Limited Warranty
Applicable Patents#7,247,180, #7,824,457, #8,377,160, #8,491,685, #8,491,686, #8,496,719, #8,514,090
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can this be used for wet applications as well?

No. This system is designed for use collecting dry materials only.

Is this product compatible with Quick-Clamp Duct?

Yes but you will need to install a Machine Adapter into the inlet first. These adapters are smaller on the raw end than traditional ducting so that they can slip into the ports on systems and tools i.e. a 5" Quick-Clamp Duct Machine Adapter will measure...

What dust can be collected with your collector?

Oneida Air Systems' dust collectors are designed and tested for wood and wood dust. They can and have been be used effectively for various other dusts and chips such as drywall dust, paper dust, agricultural dust, metal chips and other forms of debris...

Why does the bin level indicator flash when the bin is empty?

Because the Dust Sentry works via an adjustable infrared sensor, this can sometimes trigger false positives with an empty container because of the reflective surface at the bottom of the steel drum.

This can be resolved by painting/coloring the inside bottom of the drum so that it is no longer reflective enough to affect the sensor.

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