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5HP High Vacuum Cyclone Dust Collector w/ SMART Boost

High static air pressure system for CNC, sanding, and other fine dust applications. Equipped with SMART Boost technology that doubles airflow performance through smaller 2.5" to 4" ports. Complete system includes heavy-gauge steel cyclone separator, U.S. Baldor motor, modular cartridge filters, angle iron stand, 55 gallon dust bin, remote control, and more.
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High Vacuum Pressure Dust Control for Industrial CNC Cutting Tools

Primarily designed for CNC applications, this High-Vacuum™ dust collection system uses Oneida Air Systems' patented SMART Boost™ technology to provide roughly twice the static pressure of standard dust collectors and pull maximum CFM at the cutter head. This increased suction performance means higher quality cuts, increased cutter life and less clean up.

This high pressure system is ideal for use with any type of CNC cutting tools as well as saws, jointers, lathes, shapers, planers, routers, sanders, and more!

Included Features & Components

  • Industrial 5HP U.S. Made Baldor® Fan Blower Motor
  • SMART Boost Variable Speed Airflow Controller
  • Wireless Radio Frequency Remote Control Keyfob
  • Single-Piece, Smooth-Wall, Molded Fan Housing
  • Heavy-Gauge Seam Welded Steel Cyclone Separator
  • High-Efficiency Modular Cartridge Filters
  • Real-time Filter Efficiency Gauge
  • Internal Foam Silencer
  • Heavy-Duty Angle Iron Frame Stand
  • 55 Gallon Reinforced Steel Dust Bin
  • Automatic Bin Fill Level Indicator
  • D.I.Y. Ductwork Design Guide
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

5HP High Vacuum System Fan Performance Curve
OAS uses Actual CFM Ratings that reflect real-world airflow performance.

Continuously High Airflow Performance

Our patented SMART Boost technology directly measures resistance placed on the fan motor and automatically increases the fan's speed to compensate when suction is low, ensuring that the motor always works at peak performance levels! This can double your airflow through smaller or mixed ports - perfect for CNC machines!

  • High-efficiency, Baldor® fan blower motor - Made in USA
  • Industrial-grade brushless motor designed for continuous duty
  • Wired for three phase power for commercial applications.
  • Delivers up to 1,789 Actual CFM at 5.4" S.P. - ample airflow for multiple woodworking tools at once.
  • Low pitch noise level provides ideal operator comfort
  • System's inlet and outlet rotate independently at 45 degree increments to suit your shop's needs.

Ultra-High Efficiency Steel Cyclone Separator

Features Oneida Air Systems' unique long-tapered cyclone design that provides maximum pre-separation efficiency compared to the squatter cyclone designs of competitors.

  • Virtually eliminates filter clogging and suction loss to provide continuous suction performance.
  • Significantly extends the lifespan of the filter and reduces downtime needed for cleaning.
  • Large 7" dia. neutral-vane inlet for use with 6" ductwork layouts.
  • Industrial 16 gauge steel construction with full welded, airtight seams.
  • Durable, rust preventative, almond-white powder coat finish.

High Quality & Serviceable Filtration

This system uses spunbond polyester cartridge filters that are specifically designed for dust collection applications - providing unbeatable airflow and filtration performance - and are proudly made in the USA!

  • OAS fully stands by the quality and performance of our filters; each filter is sent to an accredited independent testing lab. Contact us for more information and documentation.
  • Wide-spaced pleating and non-stick PTFE membrane coating facilitates quick and easy maintenance.
  • Patented filter stacking system provides the filtration area of a single larger filter, but without the cumbersome weight and install, and provides additional savings when replacements are required.
  • Patented internal acoustic foam reduces noise caused by vibrating outgoing air by 1–2 dBa
  • Fine dust pan captures residual dust that falls off the inside of the filter. Can be removed easily for cleaning after reverse blowing compressed air into the pleats.

Compact, Configurable Design

With its compact footprint, the 5HP High-Vacuum system can be configured to work easily into most ductwork setups. Designed for larger shops running multiple tools, this system can also be outfitted with different support systems and dust container configurations (e.g. splitter kit, hoppers, airlocks, etc.) - Call for details.

Motor TypeU.S. Baldor® TEFC Motor
Motor Service Factor1.15
Recommended Breaker Size30A
Amperage (Typical)15A
Phase (Pre-Wired)3-Phase
Power ConnectorWire
Impeller TypeSingle-piece, backward inclined, non-sparking/non-ferrous, cast aluminum alloy.
Impeller Size15" Dia.
Real CFM Rating1,789 Actual CFM at 5.4" S.P.
Maximum Suction23" WC
Noise Level84-85 dBA @ 10 ft
Filter Media TypeIzumi Axtar Spunbond
Filtration Efficiency99.9% @ 0.2-2.0 microns
MERV RatingMERV 13 ±
Total Filtration Area220 sq ft
Waste Capacity55 Gallon
Remote ControlIncluded
Primary Build MaterialsCold Rolled Steel
WeldingSeam Welded
Static Resistance RatingConductive (Metal)
ContentsBlower Motor Assembly, Variable Speed Driver, Magnetic Starter, Remote Control, Fan Housing, Cyclone Separator, Filter Plenum Assembly, 2x FlameGuard Cartridge Filters, 2x Internal Silencers, Stand, Drum, Dust Bin Level Sensor, Hardware
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Warranty Information2 Year Limited Warranty
CertificationsComplete system is cETLus certified for indoor use
Applicable Patents#7,247,180, #8,491,685, #8,496,719, #8,514,090
Inlet Size7" Dia.
Outlet SizeSquare ID: 7-3/8"(W) x 6-3/8"(H)
Discharge Size8" Dia.
Height to Center of Inlet79"
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I vent my system outside?

If you have conditioned air in your shop, (Heat or cool) then exhausting outside can be costly. If your building is small and well-sealed, you can interfere with flue exhausts as well. Close neighbors might object. If the Dust Collection system is run intermittently it is generally not a problem. Most buildings have enough leaks and crevices where the aforementioned volume of air does not cause problems. If you have a problem opening or closing an outside door when the DC is running, crack a window slightly. The rule of thumb is for every 500 CFM have at least 1 sq/ft of return air coming back into the shop. A lot of our customers blow exhaust air outside successfully.

Can this be used for wet applications as well?

No. This system is designed for use collecting dry materials only.

Is this product compatible with Quick-Clamp Duct?

Yes but you will need to install a Machine Adapter into the inlet first. These adapters are smaller on the raw end than traditional ducting so that they can slip into the ports on systems and tools i.e. a 5" Quick-Clamp Duct Machine Adapter will measure ~4.9" O.D. on the raw end.

What dust can be collected with your collector?

Oneida Air Systems' dust collectors are designed and tested for wood and wood dust. They can and have been be used effectively for various other dusts and chips such as drywall dust, paper dust, agricultural dust, metal chips and other forms of debris. The customer is however, cautioned that some common materials when cut, ground or processed by machinery may become very dangerous: highly toxic, flammable, or deflagrable and explosive and they should therefore ensure that you use your particular use of a dust collection system in accordance to national, state, local, NFPA, OSHA and all other applicable codes.

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