Case Study: Utonia Amplification, Guitar Amplifiers

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September 13, 2016 No comments

Meet Heagan, pronounced [hāy-gen]of Utonia Amplification, a conceptual guitar amplifier company.

He describes his craft as "similiar to writing music." Part of Heagan's lifeblood is to create a product that marries principles of beauty, quality, and sound into one. Building the entirety of his company around this idea hasn't been easy but he is excited to see his hard work pay off as he plans to launch amplifiers that will serve the professional music community this fall.

There hasn't always been harmony between Heagan and design. A couple of major sinus injuries kept him out of the workshop and eventually shut down his career for many years. Facing adversity, he decided to get back in the saddle, and made "dust collection [his] number one priority."

When he first started, he needed the layout to match both his workflow and shop floor plan. With the help of the OAS crew he picked the SMART Pro System and customized ductwork to run in his shop. He wanted his SMART Pro System in a back room in order to prevent any dust from getting in the space, but it turns out "...that back room is the most dust free area in the entire building."

According to Heagan the current setup is very clean "with minimal dust levels." He says that is partially due to "how efficient Oneida's dust collection system is." A key part of The SMART Pro System is a technology that adapts to the desired CFM level based on resistance. "Dust is relative to the method you use collecting it," Heagan says, "and OAS has the power to maximize the air quality."

Utonia Amplification is planning a big launch this fall. Learn more and stay up to date by visiting their website:,