Introducing the World's First Universal Dust-Free Router Hood

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Introducing the World's First Universal Dust-Free Router Hood
May 24, 2017 No comments

Oneida Air Systems announced today the introduction of its patent-pending Universal Dust Free Router Hood, a router accessory that captures nearly all of the dust, chips, and shavings generated by portable routers, enabling a woodworker, contractor, or DIY’er to have a virtually dust-free routing experience.

The development of the product initially began when Oneida Air Systems' researchers asked woodworkers, "What is the dirtiest, dustiest tool in your shop?". The overwhelming response was "my portable router". Company founder and owner, Robert Witter, comments, “the fact that the router was causing such a significant pain point for our customers ignited a firm resolve within our company to clean up the dust-laden routing process once and for all. Our R&D team listened carefully to the needs of our customer base and worked diligently to perfect a universal solution with a clear, competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

Unlike other products on the market, the Universal Dust Free Router Hood features both a universal base plate to fit nearly any make and model of portable router as well as an upper dust dome and lower chip cover that combine to fully encapsulate the router bit. This enables superior dust capture at two different collection points, simultaneously, and ultimately helps to extend the useful life of the router bit.

Molded from clear polycarbonate, the same material used in industrial safety glasses, the router hood offers both excellent clarity and superior durability. Its upper dust dome and lower chip cover freely rotate as the router moves so that the tool operator can work unimpeded, while capturing dust from above and below the routed edge, simultaneously.

The lower chip cover removes quickly and without use of tools for inner plunge work and can be replaced by the included shallow cover for tighter edge work. The router hood installs easily in minutes using the router's existing hardware and includes a quick-release hose connection port for simple storage.

Oneida Air Systems has long been known in its industry for offering quality and innovative dust collection systems, which are a necessity in both home and commercial woodshops for health and safety reasons. Like other Oneida Air Systems’ products, the Universal Dust Free Router Hood offers environmental, safety and business benefits for its user.

It significantly reduces airborne dust and slip hazard-inducing floor dust on the jobsite, providing a safer and healthier work environment for the tool operator. This is especially important for contractors working right at the jobsite as well as for those using exotic hardwoods that produce highly toxic dust. As seen with other dust control measures, dust reduction in the shop or on the jobsite often leads to higher customer satisfaction and increased business from referrals, enabling contractors to charge a premium for providing a dust-free solution.

The Universal Dust Free Router Hood is ideal for contractors with multiple tools and is designed to work with most fixed-base and plunge style routers from major brands including Bosch®, Craftsman®, DeWalt®, Hitachi®, Makita®, Masterforce®, Performax®, Porter Cable®, Ridgid®, Rockwell®, Ryobi®. It is made in the USA. MSRP: $34.95.

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