New Molded Fan Housing Design

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New Molded Fan Housing Design
April 3, 2014 No comments

Made using our static dissipating technology, this molded fan housing has smooth, rounded corners and a totally unobstructed path for increased airflow. It is also much lighter than our previous fan housing yet it is just as strong! Durability has always been a hallmark of Oneida and our new fan housing continues this tradition for a lifetime of use.

Featured on the following systems:

  • V-System™ dust collectors
  • Dust Gorilla® Pro dust collectors
  • SMART Boost™ equipped High Vacuum dust collectors
One-Piece Molded Construction

Single-Piece Construction

Eliminates sharp corners and allows for unobstructed airflow. It’s made of static dissipating resin and while much lighter than our previous fan housing, it retains all of the strength, durability and quality that Oneida is known for.

Smooth Corners

Smooth Inner Walls

The picture at the left shows the smooth, rounded corners on the inside of the housing instead of a sharp, welded seam. The rounded corners can help reduce air turbulence.

Molded-in Support Bracket

Reinforcing Flanges

The flange also has a molded-in support bracket and is molded at a precise angle to strengthen and to support the filter plenum.