OAS to be featured on Modern Living with Kathy Ireland®

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Oneida Air Systems to be featured on 'Modern Living' with Kathy Ireland
January 19, 2017 No comments

We are proud to announce that Modern Living with Kathy Ireland® will be featuring an exclusive story in which Oneida Air Systems helps to solve a major problem. Home renovations can be difficult, especially when resurfacing old floors, because floor sanding dust is notorious for traveling and getting everywhere--inside cabinets, on top of ceiling fans, furniture, and appliances, even in other rooms! The plastic sheeting typically hung to try to contain the dust is ineffective at best; with this method, contractors and homeowners still end up cleaning up after the work has been completed. A better solution would be to trap dust at its source. Enter the Oneida Vortex®s; Dust Containment System.

"countless people renovate their homes every year. But when contractors come in to sand the floors, it can leave a huge mess. Oneida Air Systems invention of the Vortex Dust Containment System is genius! It captures the dust instead of allowing it to spread throughout the home. We can't wait to feature this smart, leading company on our show." JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for Modern Living with Kathy Ireland