The Ultimate Dust Deputy Maintains the Grounding Pathway

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The Ultimate Dust Deputy Maintains the Grounding Pathway
November 25, 2014 No comments

Phil Szeliga of Humans Electronics Inc. The Ultimate Dust Deputy® is designed to maintain a continuous grounding path from tool to the grounding of the vacuum's inlet when used with grounding tool hoses. All of the Oneida Ultimate Dust Deputy components are made with static conductive or static dissipative materials. In our testing, the Ultimate Dust Deputy does not add any impedance to the grounding path and maintains the pathway to earth ground on vacuums with a grounded inlet.

We also employed two 3rd party engineering firms to provide detailed and unbiased reports on the static resistance of the Ultimate Dust Deputy. The table below shows the resistance levels that were measured from the end of the green Vacuum hose to the end of the Vacuum's earth ground prong which inserts into your outlet. Though the findings from each firm differ slightly, they both conclusively show that the Ultimate Dust Deputy falls in the conductive range of static resistance.

Full report data can be downloaded using the links in the table below. Click here for more information about using the UDD with a Festool® vacuum.

If you'd like to speak with an experienced technician regarding the Ultimate Dust Deputy please call us toll-free at 1-866-387-8822.
Location of Probes Voltage Measured Resistance Measured Complete Test Results
End-to-end testing of the Vacuum Only 403 VDC 127 kΩ
End-to-end testing of the Vacuum equipped with the Ultimate Dust Deputy 468 VDC 147 kΩ

Static Grounding Pathway Illustration:

Grounding Path of the factory configuration of a vacuum with a grounded inlet
Factory Default Vacuum Static Grounding Loop
Grounding Path of the Ultimate Dust Deputy® mounted onto a vacuum with a grounded inlet
Ultimate Dust Deputy / Vacuum Static Grounding Loop

How does this apply to older (pre-2014) Ultimate Dust Deputy units?

Our current Ultimate Dust Deputy® model features a black static dissipative cyclone that preserves the static loop right out of the box. Our previous models however, did require the use of foil tape to maintain the electrical ground on the Festool unit. Further information on these older models (which may still be stocked third-party vendors) can be found within their included owner's manuals or downloaded here.