Ultimate Dust Deputy Product Awareness Bulletin

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Ultimate Dust Deputy Product Awareness Bulletin
June 11, 2014 No comments

Festool® has made a statement to its dealers that using any third-party equipment on their vacuums limits warranty claims, may interrupt the anti-static grounding pathway and may cause circuit board failures.

The inlet of Festool dust extractors incorporates a connection to the earth ground to provide a safe discharge pathway for static electricity that may be generated when wood dust moves through hose or plastic parts. This grounded inlet works in conjunction with anti-static hoses. Oneida Air wants to make certain that our Ultimate Dust Deputy® (UDD) customers understand that there is a grounding pathway that must be maintained.

Oneida Air Systems has always used static dissipating components in the Ultimate Dust Deputy® but to make absolutely certain that this path to ground is maintained at the highest level the UDD uses static conductive components. The UDD has been third-party tested to function as specified.

Measuring Static Conductivity on the Ultimate Dust Deputy® Festool Assembly

Oneida Air is recommending that our customers…

  1. USE CAUTION! Disconnect vacuum from electrical source before any of the following tests are performed.
  2. Use only tested anti-static components. Non anti-static hoses, couplers or connectors could interrupt the anti-static pathway.
  3. Make certain that the ground plug in your house wall socket is properly wired and working.
    • The anti-static pathway relies on the ground plug in your outlet to be functional.
    • Do not use two-prong to three-prong adapters, extension cords without a ground prong, etc.
  4. Install the Ultimate Dust Deputy per our instructions. This will ensure the anti-static pathway is maintained.
  5. Verify continuity through the anti-static pathway.
    • Continuity can be checked using a multi-meter that reads in mega ohms. (see our third party testing results for typical resistance levels)
    • CAUTION! Make sure that your vacuum is disconnected from any electrical source/outlet before proceeding.
    • Check continuity from end of hose to earth ground prong on electrical plug.
  6. Experiencing any static problems likely means the grounding path is interrupted. Be certain this is resolved using these instructions or call us for assistance.

Use conductive tape or wire to bridge gaps in the grounding path created by using non-conductive accessories

Using Accessories with the UDD & Festool Combination:

We recommend always using static conductive hoses and components. If a non-conductive component is used, the ground pathway must be continued via conductive tape or wire to bridge the gap between the conductive components. By bridging this gap, the anti-static grounding pathway will be maintained.