Clean Air. Clean Studio.

Safe and Affordable Clean-Up of Clay Dusts and Glazes

Oneida Air Systems' patented Dust Cobra® is a high suction industrial vacuum with an internal pulse filter cleaner and full unit HEPA certification that meets/exceeds all EPA RRP requirements (including lead!). This makes it ideal for use in clay studios to prevent harmful silica dust from spreading through the air and removing the need for messy mops and brooms for cleanup.

Not only does the Dust Cobra have triple the air suction performance of traditional shop vacuums, its streamlined cyclonic shape pre-separates dust and debris from the airstream, virtually eliminating filter clogging and suction loss! Waste is contained in an airtight steel drum lined with plastic bags for quick and easy disposal.

We use ours for everything and it works! The first time I used the Dust Cobra I was amazed at the suction power - absolutely blown away - it just picked up everything… Our studio has never been cleaner and our students really appreciate how much cleaner the air quality has been.

— Don Seymour, Owner of Clayscapes Pottery Inc.

The Dust Cobra's built-in Rapid Pulse™ Filter Cleaner will restore your suction in just a few pulses, without the need to take apart the vacuum, eliminating downtime for maintenance!

When the filter does eventually need to be replaced, the Dust Cobra uses a standard CleanStream HEPA filter that can be found at most retail box stores. When compared to other vacuums brands, with expensive proprietary filters and bags, the cost savings on replacements alone will shortly pay off the price of the vacuum!

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Industrial Dust Cobra with Dolly, Hose, and Fill Sensor
Industrial vacuum shown with optional Hose Kit, Drum Dolly, and Dust Sentry™ Fill Level Sensor