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Universal Dust-Free Router Hood w/ Hose Whip

  • Collects router waste from both above and below the bit, virtually eliminating post-project cleanup, facilitating fine detail work, and reducing wear and tear on bits.
  • Designed to fit nearly any portable router including plunge, fixed-base, and larger trim routers (e.g. Bosch, Dewalt, Porter Cable, Ryobi, and dozens more!).
  • Comes with multiple, snap-on chip covers for edge, shallow edge, and inset routing.
  • Includes 6ft dust extraction hose whip with free rotating swivel cuff.

Simple & Effective Dust Control for Almost Any Router!

If there's any tool in need of effective dust collection, it's your router. Chips are flying, dust is piling up, and you can barely see through the cloud. Finally, there's a solution that works for nearly any portable router!

Easy to install and built to last with industrial-grade plastics, our Universal Dust-Free Router Hood® guarantees a safer, healthier, and more productive routing experience.

Benefits & Features

  • Lets you vacuum while you work, containing waste safely within your vacuum
  • Eliminates downtime for cleanup and helps maintain a safe, healthy, and productive worksite
  • Universal design fits nearly any portable fixed-base or plunge router (see compatibility chart)
  • Facilitates fine detail work by keeping the routing path clear of debris
  • Lessens wear and tear on expensive router bits by reducing material buildup
  • Includes flexible 6' x 1.5" dust extraction hose with swiveling cuff
  • Packaged with two different sized chip covers for outer edges and shallow inset edges
  • Lower chip cover can easily be removed for inner plunge routing - no tools necessary
  • Molded from clear, industrial, polycarbonate, the same material used for safety glasses

Fits most portable routers made by:
    • Black & Decker
    • Bosch
    • Craftsman
    • Dewalt
    • Hitachi
    • Makita
    • Masterforce
    • Milwaukee
    • Performax
    • Porter Cable
    • Rockwell
    • Ridgid
    • Ryobi

Compatibility may vary base on specific router models. See F.A.Q. section for more details.

Video provided by The Woodworkers Guild of America (WWGOA)
Video courtesy of Scott Phillips of the American Woodshop
Product CompatibilityBosch 1617 EVSPK (Plunge), Bosch 1617 EVSPK (Fixed), Bosch 1618 Series, Bosch MRF23EVS, Bosch 1619, Bosch 1619 EVS, Craftsman 315, Dewalt DWP611, Dewalt DW616, Dewalt DW618, Dewalt DW6182, Hitachi M12VC, Masterforce 241-0835, Makita 1100 Series, Performax 241-1464, Porter Cable 100, Porter Cable 690, Porter Cable 890 Series, Porter Cable 7529, Porter Cable 8529, Ridgid R22002, Ryobi R163GK
Maximum Bit Size2-1/8" O.D.
Primary Build MaterialsPolycarbonate
ThicknessBase Plate: 1/4"
Inner DiameterHose Connection: 1.25"
Vacuum Connection: 2.25"
Outer DiameterHose Connection: 1.5"
Vacuum Connection: 2.5"
ContentsBase Plate (Side A & B), Dust Dome, Hose Connect, Deep Chip Cover, Shallow Chip Cover, Hose Whip
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Warranty Information1 Year Limited Warranty
Applicable PatentsU.S. Patent #D826496
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Frequently Asked Questions
Will this fit my router?

The router hood includes a universal base plate that features multiple screw-hole patterns to fit nearly any portable router available on the market today. We provide a convenient, printable template (see Installation Instructions) that can be used to verify base plate compatibility. The table below lists specific make/models that work with our Router Hood.

Do you have a template for the base plate's screw-hole patterns?

You can find a printable template in the Documents section of the Router Hood's product page. After printing this off you can match the template to the screw holes on the bottom of your portable router to see if it matches. Make sure that you do not scale the PDF file when printing.

Click here for a detailed list of compatible make/model routers.

Will this work with trim routers?

In general, no. There are very few trim routers that have sufficient room to attach the Router Hood's base plate and hose connection. One notable exception is the Dewalt DWP611. Please review our compatibility list for more information.

Can I use this with my router table?

No. This product is designed specifically for use with portable fixed-base and plunge style routers. Router tables require a different mechanism for dust collection.

Is this product compatible with guide bushings?

No. In our effort to make the router hood as universal as possible, inexpensive, easy to use, and effectively collect dust, we were unable to incorporate the use of guide bushings.

Can this be used in non-edge routing i.e. through holes?

Yes. For inside edge routing the lower chip cover can be easily detached (no tools necessary) allowing the bit to sink in completely while waste is removed from above the bit.

Can I use this when cutting something other than wood?

Yes. We've successfully tested our router hood with softwoods, hardwoods, plywoods, and fiberboards such as MDF. Materials such as acrylics and other plastic also work very well with our Router Hood.

What makes the Universal Router Hood different from similar products?

Very few router manufacturers offer dust extraction for their products, and those that do exist are often expensive and specific to a single make/model. Additionally, competitive router hoods typically only collect debris from above the edge and can easily clog as they are very narrow in design.

Our Router Hood is compatible with almost any make/model portable router. Its unique design fully encloses the bit above and below the edge to capture up to 99% of dust and debris. Both the chip covers and the hose connect can rotate independently so that you can work freely.

Is the router hood available in any other colors?

No, not at this time. The Router hood is molded from high clarity, industrial plastics to maximize visibility both above and below the router bit.

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