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CC500 Tow Hitch Kit

Sturdy, steel tow hitch secures the CDD-L Pre-separator to the CC500-L Dust Extractor, combining them into one unit with full mobility. Includes two thumb screw nuts.

Connect & Collect

This industrial-grade tow hitch can be used to combine the CC500 Dust Extractor to the CDD-L Pre-Separator into a unified silica dust control system. The hitch attaches securely to the mobile carts of both units and is secured in place using two thumb-screw nuts. With both units attached the system can wheel around as a single unit, fitting through standard doorways and pivoting on the rear fixed wheels of the CC500.

CC500-L and CDD-L Attached
Example of the tow hitch installation shown here with the CC500 Dust Extractor in storage mode for transport.
Primary Build MaterialsSteel
Thickness11 Gauge
ContentsTow Hitch, 2x Thumb-Screw Nuts
Country of ManufactureUnited States
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