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Industrial Grade Silicone Sealant

Provides a highly flexible, durable, and air-tight seal - perfect for use with dust collection ductwork and fittings. Becomes transparent when cured for improved aesthetics.

Use this sealant to ensure air-tight connections on your ducting and/or hoses. This Clear Silicone Caulk is a one-component acetoxy silicone material that provides excellent weatherability and elasticity for general purpose sealing and bonding. This sealant is a paste material which cures into a flexible rubber, providing excellent longterm resistance to natural weathering, humidity and high & low temperatures with negligible change in elasticity.

Benefits and Features

  • Cartridge Size: 10.1 fl oz. (299 ml)
  • Fast Cure Time: Tack free in 30 minutes and full cure of many common bead sizes in 24-48 hours.
  • Durability: Able to bond to many common substrates and finishes, including: sheet metal, glass, ceramic tiles, porcelain, painted surfaces, some plastics, cultured marble, polished granites and marbles and many composite materials including fiberglass.
  • Gunnability: The uncured silicone can be easily gunned and tooled under hot or cold conditions.
  • Workability: Non-sag paste makes application possible on horizontal, vertical or overhead surfaces.
  • Flexibility: Can accommodate 25% movement in both extension and compression and has excellent recovery after cycling.
  • Thermal Stability: Once properly cured, the material remains fully elastic over a range of -45°:F (-48°C) to 350°F (204°C).
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