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Gripple Hang-Fast System

Simple and visually discreet solution for hanging heavy ductwork from the ceiling. Steel wire rope loops can quickly be locked into place using the provided key. Available in in 5', 10', and 15' lengths. 10 hangers included per package.
As low as $122.75

Industrial-Grade Ductwork Hanging Solution

The Hanging Solution for Mechanical and Electrical Services

The Gripple® No. 3 Hang-Fast System provides a simple solution to a problem faced by many shop owners for years. It eliminates the need for cutting and sawing off threaded rods for hanging duct; Simplifying and speeding up new duct installations over 6 times faster! That means you can get back to what matters most, working in your shop, faster than ever! Strong, safe, and industry approved the Hang-Fast system is visually discreet and lightweight, suitable for both hobbyist and commercial shop layouts.

Oneida Air sells this system in a pack of ten hangers. Each hanger includes a length of BS 302 Galvanized Steel Wire Rope (5ft, 10ft, and 15ft lengths available), a Hang-Fast Grip wire clamp, and a setting key (for final adjustments).

Customers must supply their own mounting option (e.g. J-hooks, eye-hooks, etc.).

Proven Advantages of the Gripple Hang-Fast System

  • Load Range: 75 - 175 lbs. (at a 5:1 safety factor)
  • Fast Installation: shown to reduce installation by up to 6 times compared to traditional threaded rod, chain or hanger strap.
  • Adaptable: allows the installer to position the hangers vertically or at an angle to the suspended object.
  • Lightweight: easy to carry and combines these qualities with the inherent strength of high tensile wire rope. Its lightness is a major safety improvement, both in terms of carrying the product easily on site and in reducing accident risk in aerial situations caused by falling materials.
  • Visual Appeal: far less invasive than threaded rod or metal strapping and in some applications enhances the aesthetics of installations.
See how easy the Hang-Fast System is to use! Speed up your shop installations and open the door for more flexible and dynamic duct configurations.
Primary Build MaterialsGalvanized Steel
Contents10x Wire Ropes, 10x Wire Clamps, Setting Key
Country of ManufactureUnited States
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