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Female Duct Adapters

Raw on both ends to secure crimped fittings onto blast gate inlets.
As low as $6.72

Female Blast Gate Adapters are short sections of galvanized steel pipe that are raw on both ends.

Use when connecting a crimped fitting to a blast gate. One raw end slides over the blast gate and is held in place with either sheet metal screws or pop rivets. The other end is raw to acccommodate a crimped fitting. You will need to pre-drill the aluminum blast gates. The aluminum gate is tapered and will be smaller than the blast gate adapter. You will need to seal this joint with silicone to make it air-tight.

Female Blast Gate Adapter Diagram
Ductwork TypeStandard
Connection TypeFemale
Primary Build MaterialsGalvanized Steel
WeldingSpot Welded
Static Resistance RatingConductive (Metal)
Country of ManufactureUnited States
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