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13" Stacking Sound Filter

Compact silencer unit reduces the dust collector's noise output by 6-7 dBA without increasing the system's overall footprint. Installs in minutes onto the cartridge filters of the V-System dust collector product line.

Efficient & Compact Noise Reduction

Constructed from heavy-gauge, welded steel with an industrial powder coated finish, these silencers can significantly reduce the overall noise level of your dust collection system. Ideal for small personal shops where noise is a primary concern, the Stacking Sound Filter™ installs quickly and easily onto Oneida Air Systems' 13" diameter cartridge filters.

  • Reduces system noise output by 6-7dBA at 10 feet
  • Installs in minutes onto any V-System™ dust collector, including older versions that featured a steel-bodied cyclone
  • Compact design maintains the system's existing height and footprint*
  • Includes gasket and clamp hardware for installation

* Each sound filter requires 15" of available height below the filter bin assembly in order to be installed. This unit is not compatible with Oneida Air Systems' High Vacuum dust collectors.

Stacking Sound Filter Installed on a V-System Dust Collector

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Tool review published by Will Sampson of Woodworking Network.
Primary Build MaterialsGalvanized Steel
Outer Diameter13"
ContentsSound Filter, Stacking Clips
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Applicable PatentsU.S. Patent #9,370,740
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Frequently Asked Questions
Will the 13" x 14" sound filter fit my dust collector?

This product is designed for use with Oneida Air dust collectors with an external 13" dia. cartridge filter that is attached via J-Bolts to the plenum elbow; this includes all V-Systems (1.5HP to 5HP) manufactured after 2012. If your system has a filter that is secured to the plenum via a threaded rod running through the center of the filter stack, you will need to purchase an additional 14" threaded rod length and a coupler (available at any local hardware store) to provide enough room to attach the Stacking Sound Filter.

Can Stacking Sound Filters be combined?

Yes; If you have room underneath the filter assembly (varies by model) then you can stack multiple sound filters, however, the resulting noise reduction per filter is not linear (additive) and is subject to diminishing returns. For example: 1 Sound Filter = 6-7 dBA total reduction 2 Sound Filters = ~9 dBA total reduction 3 Sound Filters = ~10 dBA total reduction 4+ Sound Filters = ~10 dBA total reduction

What is the difference between this unit and the older Exhaust Silencers?

Both the Stacking Sound Filter and the Exhaust Silencer offer similar performance in terms of noise reduction, but exhaust silencers must be installed into the plenum assembly and will increase the overall footprint of the system by 12" to 36" and will require additional components (hangers, square to rounds, etc.). Exhaust Silencers are intended for installation into long transitional ducting such as when the filter is located far from the collector - typical of industrial systems such as the Direct Drive. Comparatively, the Stacking Sound Filters can be installed quickly and easily, requiring no additional components.

I have a 2HP Super Dust Gorilla that I purchased used but was originally purchased in 2008. Would the 13" Stacking Sound Filter work on my unit?

Yes, the smaller 13" Stacking Sound filter will work with your older system, but you will need a small amount of extra hardware to install it. The filters on older 2HP Super Dust Gorillas had a threaded rod running down inside the filters, with a plate at the bottom that the filters rested on. You will need to extend this threaded rod by 14" by purchasing an additional length and a rod coupler from your local hardware store.

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