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Fiber Drum Kits

Waste container kits for cyclone dust collectors. Made from thick, durable fiberboard material that is lightweight and easy to carry. Includes clear flexible connection hose (with clamps) for connecting to the collector.
As low as $95.00

Waste container kit for use with cyclonic dust collection systems. Includes lightweight fiberboard drum, lid with collared inlet, lever-locking lid clamp, flexible connection hose, and adjustable hose/band clamps.

110 Gallon version includes two separate, 55 gallon drums and a Pants Wye joint fitting to split waste evenly between the two containers. A specific system stand model or wall mounting bracket will be required for use with these "Splitter Kits" to accommodate their additional height - call 1-800-732-4065 for info.

Primary Build MaterialsFiberboard
ReinforcementReinforcing Steel Rings
Height23" (35 Gallon Model)
35" (55 Gallon Model)
ContentsDrum, Collared Lid, Lid Clamp, Hose, 2x Hose Clamps
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Product WarningUse only with dry materials and low vacuum pressure systems. Drum may collapse under high vacuum pressures.
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Frequently Asked Questions
I’d like to purchase the 55 gallon fiber drum only. I don’t need the kit is this possible?

Yes. You can find the individual components (drum, clamp, and lids) at

How do I install the flex hose onto the connections on the bottom of the cyclone and on the lid top of the dust bin?

We realize that this can sometimes be tough to fit the hose onto these ports. We have found that the quickest and easiest way is to pull it on using pliers, one side at a time, until the hose is covering the port by 1" to 2". Then use the hose clamps provided with the drum kit to secure the hose in place for good.

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