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C1800 Steel Cyclone Separator

This heavy-gauge steel cyclone can be used in custom material handling solutions to pre-separate bulk debris and fine dust from the incoming air; prolonging filter life and maintaining high suction. Features full seam-welded construction with powder coat finish for long lasting durability. Rated for use with 3-5HP dust collection fan blower motors.
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Ultra-High Efficiency Cyclonic Separation for Industrial Applications

Our C-Series cyclones are constructed from heavy-gauge steel that is fully seam-welded with an industrial powder coat finish to provide long lasting durability through even the toughest applications. Suitable for use with nearly any type of waste material including wood, drywall, concrete, gravel, clay/silica, bio-waste, and more!

Oneida Air Systems cyclone designs remove up to 99% of bulk debris and fine dust from the incoming airstream, depositing it in an easy-to-empty, customer supplied container below. By placing a cyclonic pre-separator before your fan blower you can vastly improve your shop's efficiency and quality of work!

  • Maintain continuously high suction by reducing filter clogging and motor strain
  • Protect your fan blower's impeller from harmful bulk debris
  • Significantly extend your filter's lifespan - saving you time and money on replacements
  • Fast and simple waste containment and disposal - no more messy dust clouds
Cyclonic Separation Diagram
Horsepower Rating3HP - 5HP
Airflow Rating1,050 - 1,750 Actual CFM
Waste CapacityCustomizeable
Inlet Size8" Dia.
Outlet Size10" Dia.
Discharge Size10" Dia.
Primary Build MaterialsSteel
WeldingSeam Welded
Static Resistance RatingConductive (Metal)
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Warranty Information1 Year Limited Warranty
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I vent my system outside?

If you have conditioned air in your shop, (Heat or cool) then exhausting outside can be costly. If your building is small and well-sealed, you can interfere with flue exhausts as well. Close neighbors might object. If the Dust Collection system is run intermittently it is generally not a problem. Most buildings have enough leaks and crevices where the aforementioned volume of air does not cause problems. If you have a problem opening or closing an outside door when the DC is running, crack a window slightly. The rule of thumb is for every 500 CFM have at least 1 sq/ft of return air coming back into the shop. A lot of our customers blow exhaust air outside successfully.

Can I use this steel cyclone with smoldering or abrasive debris?

Yes, absolutely. This cyclone is built with heavy-gauge, powder coated steel for industrial applications collecting highly abrasive or smoldering materials e.g. hot ash/soot, blasting powders, concrete, grinding dust, etc. Please note that you should also ensure that your vacuum/dust collector is rated to accept these same types of materials i.e. do not collect hot/smoldering materials if your vacuum isn't normally capable of collecting this type of waste.

Is the steel cyclone rust-proof?

In short, no. The steel cyclone has a powder-coat finish, ensuring that it's durable and rust resistant, but if you expect to have your cyclone exposed to water on a regular basis (e.g. exposed to harsh weather, submerged in water, etc.) we recommend you find additional covering to prevent corrosion over time.

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