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Dust Sentry Bin Level Indicator

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Alerts user when dust bin has reached a preset fill-level using an adjustable infrared sensor - suitable for both liquids and solids! Can be installed easily to the lid of your dust collector's waste bin. High visibility strobe light can be installed up to 8 ft away from the sensor so you can mount it in the perfect spot for your shop.

The Sentry Keeps Watch So You Never Have To Worry About Overfilling Your Drum!

When you're hard at work in your shop the last thing you want to find out after you're done is that you forgot to check how full your dust collector's drum was. Oneida Air Systems' patented Dust Sentry™ is designed to automatically alert you when your dust container is full and needs to be emptied.

How Does It Work?

The Dust Sentry uses adjustable Infrared Sensing Technology to detect when the material in the drum has reached a custom preset fill-level. Once this level is reached the Sentry flashes a bright red strobe light that can be mounted anywhere within 6ft of the drum. This lets you know exactly when the container needs to be emptied, taking the guesswork out of dust collection. You'll never again have to unpack a cyclone and filter full of chips because you forgot to empty the drum!

Benefits & Features

  • User controlled fill-level can be adjusted for distances 1" to 20" from the lid
  • High intensity strobe light can be mounted on the wall, on the drum, on your system - you decide!
  • Significantly more visible and easier to use than traditional drum viewing windows.
  • Ideal for shops where the dust collector is outside, in a closet, or otherwise out of view while you're working in the shop.
  • Works to detect both liquid and solid materials within the drum.
  • Installs in minutes to any size, shape, or type dust container!
  • Low voltage - Works on standard 110V power
Dust Sentry Bin Level Indicator Animation Diagram

Check out these great installation and review videos provided by some of our biggest fans!

Video courtesy of Mike Kapotsy
Video courtesy of Ty Moser of The MonoLoco Workshop
Phase (Pre-Wired)1-Phase
Power ConnectorNEMA 1-15
Power Cord Length8 feet
ContentsInfrared Sensor, Strobe Light, Power Adapter, Hardware
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Warranty Information90 Day Limited Warranty
Applicable Patents#8514090
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can Dust Sentry Panel be mounted outside in weather?

No, there is electrical components inside and if it got wet there is a potential it would short circuit.

Why does the bin level indicator flash when the bin is empty?

Because the Dust Sentry works via an adjustable infrared sensor, this can sometimes trigger false positives with an empty container because of the reflective surface at the bottom of the steel drum.

This can be resolved by painting/coloring the inside bottom of the drum so that it is no longer reflective enough to affect the sensor.

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