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Super Dust Deputy 4" Deluxe Cyclone Kit

97% of 100
For use with single stage dust collectors and 4" piping, this cyclone eliminates filter clogging, suction loss, and messy dust bags by removing over 99% of fine dust and debris from the airstream, containing it safely in the 15 gallon dust bin.
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Upgrade Your Tired, Old Dust Collector and Say Goodbye to Clogged Filters!

Single-stage dust collectors are great for small, hobbyist shops but they come with a cost; fine dusts can quickly clog the filter, reducing suction and leaving your tools as messy as ever! Worse still, there's nothing to protect your dust collector's impeller from being damaged should you accidentally suck up large wood chunks, bolts, etc.

How do you stop losing valuable time and money on maintenance and replacement parts? Install our cyclone!

Oneida Air Systems' patented Super Dust Deputy cyclone separates over 99% of dust and debris from the incoming airstream, virtually eliminating filter clogging, suction loss, and significantly prolonging the lifespan of your filter.

Unique Benefits & Features

  • Prevents both fine dust and large debris from reaching your dust collector
  • Deluxe kit includes a lightweight, 15 gallon dust bin with quick-release latch
  • Prolongs the lifespan of the filter while reducing the need for cleanings
  • Ultra-high efficiency with integrated air ramp and 4" neutral-vane inlet
  • Tapered intake and exhaust ports allow for easy, friction fit flex-hose connections.
  • Lightweight and compact design for fast and simple installations
  • Compatible with almost any dust collector (e.g. Delta, Grizzly, Harbor Freight, Jet, etc.)
  • Cyclone molded from an industrial, abrasion resistant HDPE resin
  • Static dissipative construction safely conveys static charge build-up to the electrical ground, preventing harmful discharges
Super Dust Deputy Installation Example
In our Deluxe kit, the cyclone is molded directly into the dust bin's lid, reducing install time and eliminating potential air leaks.
Horsepower Rating0.5HP - 3HP
Airflow RatingMinimum 350 CFM
Waste Capacity15 Gallon
Inlet Size4" O.D.
3-3/4" I.D.
Outlet Size4" O.D.
3-3/4" I.D.
Primary Build MaterialsSD Polyethylene, Fiberboard
Static Resistance RatingStatic Dissipative
Height to Center of Inlet36.76"
ContentsCyclone, Drum, Lid Clamp, Reducer
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Warranty Information1 Year Limited Warranty
Applicable PatentsPatent #7,282,074 B1, #7,282,074 C1, and #D703,401
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need a cyclone separator?

Standard single-stage or bag-style dust collectors lose suction very quickly as the filter becomes clogged with fine dust. The cyclone uses centrifugal force to separate dust and debris from the incoming airstream, containing it safely away from the collector.This frees up the dust collector to move as much air as physically possible without hindrance. That means less downtime for filter cleaning, continuously high suction, and significantly prolonged filter life.

Which Super Dust Deputy cyclone do I need?

If your shop has fixed piping that matches the diameter of your dust collector's intake, choose a cyclone that matches that as well. So 6" ducting connected to a dust collector with a 6" inlet should use our 6" XL cyclone. The same applies for 4" ducting runs and our new 4" Deluxe cyclone. If your shop has piping that is smaller than your dust collector's inlet, such as 4" piping with a 6" inlet, then our 5" cyclone can be used to transition between them. You will need reducers to complete your setup. If you have industrial applications, such as collecting hot ash/soot or highly abrasive materials such as blasting powders, you should choose our Steel Super Dust Deputy.

The Super Dust Deputy 4 inch Deluxe comes with a 15 Gal. fiber drum. I have searched your website but have not found a model number for the 15 gal drum. It looks like you do not sell the 15 gal drum separately. Why not? I may want to buy a spare 15 gal drum.

The 15 gallon drum is a part of a kit, we do not sell this separately. We only stock enough to make the entire kit.

Will this replace a hanging air cleaner.

Our system virtually makes the need for your hanging air cleaner obsolete. By using your single stage collector hooked up to the 4" Super Dust Deputy you will get the best dust collection, right at the source!

What is the collection efficiency for the 4" Super Dust Deputy on wood particulates less than 10 microns? I don't see any information regarding this. Thank you.

We do not measure that small of micron with cyclonic separation. It will filter 99% of all visible dust/chips from the airstream.

Can you explain this California Proposition Black Carbon warning? Cancer?

By California law, Oneida Air Systems is required to provide advance notice to customers of potentially hazardous materials included in our products. This requirement is enforced regardless of how much of that material is present in the actual product.

The black, static dissipative resin used to create this cyclone separator contains carbon black, which is a chemical considered as "possibly carcinogenic to humans" (Group 2B) when the chemical is an airborne, particulate form. This form would not be typical of normal use of the cyclone, but the law requires this statement be provided regardless.

Can I buy the 4" cyclone separate from the kit?

No. The 4" Super Dust Deputy cyclone is molded with the drum lid as a single component and is not sold as a standalone product. If you need a 4" DIY cyclone, we would recommend using the regular 5" Super Dust Deputy and the 5" to 4" reducer (items #AXD002030A and DRL001205)

Do you sell the 4" Super Dust Deputy by itself without bin?

No we do not sell the 4" cyclone by itself. The cyclone separator and the drum lid are a single, molded component. If you require a standalone cyclone for your dust collector, we have options available with 5" and 6" diameter inlets.

Do any of your larger drums fit this model?

The Super Dust Deputy 4" Deluxe is a special kit for smaller, personal workshops. The cyclone and the drum lid are a single molded component that provides an efficient, airtight seal with the drum.

As such, the cyclone/lid piece is only compatible with the 14 gallon drum provided in the kit. If you have a need with a larger capacity drum, we would recommend using the 5" Super Dust Deputy cyclone and reducing down the inlet as you require.

How do you open the clamp on the dust bin?

You can unclamp the drum lid by locating the small tab on the ring and pushing it down. The ring lock lever will then release, allowing you to open the drum.

The tab is shown in this image here, circled in red:
Position of the ring lock lever tab on the 15 gallon drum of the Super Dust Deputy Deluxe

What is the expected lifetime of the Super Dust Deputy cyclone?

In our experience, we've never had a customer "wear out" their super dust deputy cyclone from normal use. The only exceptions are when sucks up materials not rated for the cyclone's construction i.e. don't suck up hot, smoldering materials or high abrasives (rough glass, soda blasts, etc.) with the molded cyclone as those can damage or wear out the material.

With its intended application (e.g. wood dust and debris) you could expect this cyclone to last for years to come, if not longer.

What else do I need to get started?

This Deluxe kit includes the essential components, but you will still need flex hose and/or piping to connect it to your tools and dust collector. Any connections should be sealed using silicone caulk or HVAC foil tape.Shop for Assembly Tools

Can I use this 4" cyclone with 6" piping?

No. For 6" ducting runs we highly recommend our Super Dust Deputy XL cyclone instead.

How do I connect the 4" Super Dust Deputy to my tools?

The ports of our Super Dust Deputy Deluxe cyclone measures 4" on the outer diameter as many customers typically connect 4" flex hose directly to the cyclone. Our Hose Quick Connect Kits are also very useful in this regard.

Can I vent my system outside?

If you have conditioned air in your shop, (Heat or cool) then exhausting outside can be costly. If your building is small and well-sealed, you can interfere with flue exhausts as well. Close neighbors might object. If the Dust Collection system is run intermittently it is generally not a problem. Most buildings have enough leaks and crevices where the aforementioned volume of air does not cause problems. If you have a problem opening or closing an outside door when the DC is running, crack a window slightly. The rule of thumb is for every 500 CFM have at least 1 sq/ft of return air coming back into the shop. A lot of our customers blow exhaust air outside successfully.

What dust collectors is the 4" Super Dust Deputy compatible with?

The Super Dust Deputy Deluxe cyclone can be used to retrofit nearly make or model dust collector with a 4" diameter intake. This inlet size is typical of 1/2HP to 3HP single stage dust collectors by manufacturers such as Delta, Harbor Freight, Grizzly, Jet, Laguna, Powermatic, Rikon, Rockler, Shop Fox, etc.For larger sized systems check out our XL cyclone instead.

What dust bins should I use with this cyclone?

The shape and size of your container are completely up to you, so use whatever works best for your shop! A smaller container will need to be emptied more often, so most customers use at least a 17 gallon container with our Super Dust Deputy cyclones. Browse Dust Containers Any container you use must be: Airtight: Any air leaks can significantly reduce your suction and separation performance. We recommend foam gaskets or silicone caulk to provide an airtight seal. Reinforced: Light duty containers, such as typical plastic or aluminum trash bins, are not designed to withstand any suction pressure, and can collapse if used with a dust collector and cyclone.

Can I use this with a shop vacuum?

No. Super Dust Deputy cyclones are designed for use in systems with high airflow volume (above 350 CFM) and low static pressure (below 10" WC). Shop vacuums are the exact opposite of this i.e. they are low airflow (below 250 CFM) but with high air pressure (above 60" WC). For standard vacuums we recommend our regular Dust Deputy kits.

Do I still need to use my filter?

Yes. All of our cyclone separators are designed to be used in conjunction with an air filter as they are only meant to remove the majority of dust and debris - not all of it. Eliminating the filter entirely would allow small, harmful dust back into your shop's air.The exception to this rule is if you have the means to vent your waste air outside of the shop. If you pursue that method be sure to consider the loss of conditioned/heated air, local safety codes, and whether your neighbors will be affected by dust laden air.

What filter works best with this cyclone?

We recommend that customers use our MERV 16± HEPA Filter Upgrade Kit as it provides the healthiest return air for your shop, as well as being easily serviceable thanks to its wide spaced pleating and non-stick membrane coating.

Can I use this cyclone with smoldering or abrasive debris?

No. This cyclone is designed for use with light debris such as wood dust. For heavy-duty applications with highly abrasive or smoldering materials, we recommend our steel, Heavy-Duty Dust Deputy kits instead.

Can I use this Super Dust Deputy cyclone with food products?

While some customers have found use for our cyclones in food related applications (e.g. farming, coffee roasting, etc.) it is not rated as a food safe material by the FDA. This cyclone should only be used for food waste products and not anything that will re-purposed for later consumption.

Is it possible to buy just the waste bin?

The waste bin is not available as a standalone item, but if you are an existing owner of the Dust Deputy then we can readily offer you a replacement for any damaged components. Please contact our service department to order.

  California Residents: Please visit for information regarding Proposition 65 for our products.

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