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10 Gal. Dust Deputy Deluxe Kit

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This cyclone kit's large capacity, reinforced drum allows for less frequent dumping by the end user, minimizing downtime for cleanup. Comes with everything you need including the anti-static cyclone, steel drum, hose, caster wheels, and mounting hardware.
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Innovation In Dust Collection

It's what Oneida does, it's who we are. And now, enjoy the versatility of our translucent plastic Dust Deputy!

Injection molded from an industrial anti-static resin, you now have even more options of mounting it in your shop with easier hose connections courtesy of the tapered inlet and outlet (2" inner diameters). Oneida Air's patented Dust Deputy will transform your vacuum. Attach the Dust Deputy and sand for hours. It captures 99% of the dust before it reaches your vacuum, resulting in virtually no filter clogging or loss of suction. You will extend the life of your vacuum and your filters, saving you money on replacements!

Click here to learn more about how The Dust Deputy cyclone works.

Kit Contents:

  • Injection molded anti-static Dust Deputy cyclone separator
  • 10 Gallon steel drum with locking lever ring clamp and pre-cut lid
  • Drum dolly frame with 4x free-rotating caster wheels
  • 5.5 ft of 2.5" wire reinforced flex-hose
  • Static Conductive copper foil tape (for additional grounding)
  • Foam gasket and mounting hardware
Waste Capacity10 Gallon
Inlet Size2" O.D. (Tapered)
1-3/4" I.D.
Outlet Size2" O.D. (Tapered)
1-3/4" I.D.
Primary Build MaterialsPolyethylene
Static Resistance RatingAnti-Static
Thickness22 Gauge (Drum Body)
ContentsCyclone Separator, Pre-Cut Drum Lid, Drum Dolly, Caster Wheels, Hose, Hardware
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Warranty Information1 Year Limited Warranty
Applicable PatentsPatent #7,282,074 B1 and #7,282,074 C1, #6,833,016 B2
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Frequently Asked Questions
What shop vacuum do you recommend for the Dust Deputy?

The Dust Deputy can be used with any make, model, or size wet/dry vacuum. We recommend that it has an airflow rating of at least 50 CFM to ensure optimum dust separation performance.

Can I use this cyclone with smoldering or abrasive debris?

No. This cyclone is designed for use with light debris such as wood dust. For heavy-duty applications with highly abrasive or smoldering materials, we recommend our steel, Heavy-Duty Dust Deputy kits instead.

My dust deputy makes a high, shrill sound when I turn on the shop vac. Any suggestions?

It is very likely that you have an air leak somewhere in your system. Particularly small leaks can create high pitch noises and can also affect the overall separation performance of the cyclone. Here are some common places where leaks may occur

  • Along the lid of the dust bin
  • Hose adapter fittings on the cyclone
  • Where the cyclone is mounted to the lid
  • Along the length of your hose

If you can't audibly pinpoint where the leak might be coming from, one of the simplest ways to check for air leaks is with a smoke test. Kits for this can be found at most local hardware stores (usually near the HVAC sections), but it's simple to make a small DIY version or even use incense sticks at home.

With the shop vacuum turned on, simply carry the smoke-stick along the perimeter of your cyclone system and check for where the smoke is drawn into the cyclone. That will show you where your air leak is.

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