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Dust Deputy
What shop vacuum do you recommend for the Dust Deputy?
The Dust Deputy can be used with any make, model, or size wet/dry vacuum. We recommend that it has an...
What type of dust bin works best?
You can use any shape or size container for your Dust Deputy cyclone. Keep in mind that the smaller ...
How do you fasten the conductive metal tape to the plastic cyclone?

You'll want to apply the tape so that all three openings on the cyclone are connected by a conductive path. When doing so, make sure that the tape is wrapped over the edge of the cyclone's ports and that it overlaps the bolt hole on the cyclone's bottom flange.

  1. Apply tape over the edge the cyclone's outlet by 1/4".
  2. Run tape down the outlet, across the top of the cyclone, and down the side of the cyclone.
  3. Make sure that the tape overlaps a bolt hole on the cyclone's bottom flange.
  4. Apply tape over the edge of the cyclone's flange by 1/4".
  5. Cut the remaining tape off.
  6. Apply second portion of tape over the edge of the cyclone's inlet by 1/4"
  7. Connect the second portion of tape to the first, making sure that they overlap with eachother.
  8. Smooth down any wrinkles in the tape so that it all lies flat against the surface of the cyclone.
  9. When mounting the cyclone to your dust bin's lid, the washers should rest directly on the conductive tape where it was run over the bolt in step 3.
Will the Dust Deputy cyclone work if my tool has its own fan blower?

In most cases, yes - but the cyclone's efficiency will vary based on whether your vacuum is also turned on.

The Dust Deputy cyclone needs a consistent airflow rate to "spin" the dust out of the airstream; If your tool's fan blower is pushing air in while your vacuum is also sucking air out, this can disrupt the airflow rate and reduce the cyclone's separation performance.

In many cases, the fan blower on tools (such as planers) cannot be turned off. If that is the case for you, try collecting your dust with the vacuum turned off. In doing so you will be creating a positive pressure system as the tool's fan blower pushes air through the Dust Deputy cyclone. This method may not work with every vacuum

How do I troubleshoot an air leak with my Dust Deputy cyclone?

Even a small leak can significantly affect the overall separation performance of the cyclone. Here are some common places where leaks may occur:

  • Along the lid of the dust bin
  • Hose adapter fittings on the cyclone
  • Where the cyclone is mounted to the lid
  • Along the length of your hose

If you can't audibly pinpoint where the leak might be coming from, one of the simplest ways to check for air leaks is with a smoke test. Kits for this can be found at most local hardware stores (usually near the HVAC sections), but it's simple to make a small DIY version or even use incense sticks at home.

With the shop vacuum turned on, simply carry the smoke-stick along the perimeter of your cyclone system and check for where the smoke is drawn into the cyclone. That will show you where your air leak is.

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Super Dust Deputy
Do your steel cyclones have the same separation performance as your resin models?
Yes! Both our molded and steel Dust Deputy Cyclones use the same patented design to pre-separate dust...
What shop vacuum do you recommend for the Dust Deputy?
The Dust Deputy can be used with any make, model, or size wet/dry vacuum. We recommend that it has an...
Why do I need a cyclone separator?
Standard single-stage or bag-style dust collectors lose suction very quickly as the filter becomes clogged...
How do I connect the steel Super Dust Deputy to my tools?
The inlet of our Steel Super Dust Deputy cyclone measures 5" on the inner diameter to accept crimped...
What dust collectors is the 5" Super Dust Deputy compatible with?
The 5" SDD cyclone can be used to retrofit nearly make or model dust collector with a 4"-6" diameter...
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Universal Router Hood
Will this fit my router?

The router hood includes a universal base plate that features multiple screw-hole patterns to fit nearly any portable router available on the market today. We provide a convenient, printable template (see Installation Instructions) that can be used to verify base plate compatibility. The table below lists specific make/models that work with our Router Hood.

Please Note: This specific method of dust collection does not allow the router hood to fit most trim routers

Router Make/Model Screw Hole Pattern
Black & Decker TBD
Bosch 1617 EVSPK (Plunge) A
Bosch 1617 EVSPK (Fixed) B
Bosch 1618 Series B
Bosch MRF23EVS B
Bosch 1619 C
Bosch 1619 EVS C
Craftsman 315 A
Dewalt DWP611 A
Dewalt DW616 A
Dewalt DW618 A
Dewalt DW6182 B
Festool TBD
Hitachi M12VC B
Masterforce 241-0835 B
Makita 1100 Series B
Performax 241-1464 B
Porter Cable 100 B
Porter Cable 690 B
Porter Cable 890 Series B
Porter Cable 7529 B
Porter Cable 8529 B
Rockwell TBD
Ridgid R22002 B
Ryobi R163GK B
Can I use this with my router table?
No. This product is designed specifically for use with portable fixed-base and plunge style routers. ...
Is this product compatible with guide bushings
No. In our effort to make the router hood as universal as possible, inexpensive, easy to use, and effectively...
Can this be used in non-edge routing i.e. through holes?
Yes. For inside edge routing the lower chip cover can be easily detached (no tools necessary) allowing...
Can I use this when cutting something other than wood?
Yes. We've successfully tested our router hood with softwoods, hardwoods, plywoods, and fiberboards ...
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What's the best way to apply foil tape on ductwork?

We've heard from many customers who've had great success using a simple Wallpaper Roller to smooth out their foil tape, giving a very smooth, clean look on your ducting. The roller helps smooth out air bubbles and crinkled marks while making it easier to get those hard to reach places on hanging ductwork.

We do not carry this product but it can be found easily at your local hardware store or home renovation outlet.

Is OAS Quick-Clamp Duct compatible with Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting?
Yes! As long as the opening pipe diameters are the same, OAS Quick-Clamp Duct components can be combined...
What tools will I need to install Quick-Clamp Duct components?
Besides the standard tape measure, ladders, and any tools that maybe required for attaching hangers, ...
Will I need to hire a technician to install Quick-Clamp Duct?
No. Whether you're installing the duct yourself or installing for a customer, Oneida Air Systems' Quick...
What is the total length of the Snap-Lock duct?

The total length will depend on what size you order. We offer light-duty pipe (26 gauge) in lengths of 24" and 60", and heavy-duty pipe (24 gauge) is available in 48" lengths.

You can view all of the snap-lock piping at this link:

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How do I install the hole top cleanstream filter?
Remove old filter and clean sealing surface on lid. Carefully slide opening of filter over cage. Push...
How often should I clean the filter?
This can vary widely depending on how often your dust collector is used, and what kind of dusts it's...
How do I clean this filter?
Clean this filter using compressed air blown from the outside of the filter. The nozzle should be angled...
Why should I upgrade my single-stage filter?
Standard single-stage dust collectors are typically equipped with a cloth bag filter rated for particles...
Will this retrofit filter affect my airflow?
Yes, it will improve it! This product has a significantly higher filtration surface area compared to...
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Orders and Shipping
Do you ship to Canada?

Oneida Air Systems does not ship our products outside the Lower 48 contiguous United States. Instead, we partner with dozens of international resellers to carry our product line. Visit for more information.

How do I make a purchase using PayPal as the payment method?

Proceed through the online checkout until you get to the section regarding your payment method. There you'll see an option to checkout with PayPal. Selecting this option will take you to a new page to login with your PayPal account and review your shopping cart before placing the order.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes, but not on our website. Please contact our sales department at 1-800-732-4065 or by email at

Are there any restrictions for financing?
Orders must be for a dust collection system with a total value over $1,000 (including shipping and taxes...
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