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6" x 25' Clear Reinforced Flex-Hose

Highly flexible hose made from abrasion resistant PVC material. Reinforced with metal wire-helix for added crush resistance. Clear hose makes it easy to spot and clear potential blockages. Ideal for dust collection. 25' long fully extended.

Industrial Flex Hose for Connecting Tools & Ductwork

This material handling flex hose is designed specifically for dust collection applications. It is constructed from a clear, abrasion resistant, PVC material and is reinforced with a steel wire helix throughout the length of the hose (right hand spiral). Extremely durable and crush resistant, this industrial-grade hose is built to last through the toughest applications.

Hose is raw on both ends and can be easily attached to 6" O.D. ductwork and tool ports using various hose clamps and hose connect fittings. Oneida Air Systems recommends keeping hose lengths to a minimum in your setup as flex hose creates significantly more air resistance compared to steel ductwork components. Use short hose runs whenever possible to maximize airflow performance.

Hose Length25สน
Connection TypeFemale
Primary Build MaterialsSteel, PVC
ReinforcementMetal Wire Helix
Static Resistance RatingStatic Bonded
Inner Diameter6"
Country of ManufactureUnited States
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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I combine flex hose together?

Raw dust collection hose can be coupled using our Male-Male Ducting Adapters with minimal loss of airflow performance. The adapters should be secured in place using hose clamps.

Can this flex hose handle rock dust that has pieces of rock in it?

Our clear, flexible hose (item #DHF...) is designed for use in light dust collection applications such as wood dust. Heavier, more abrasive materials such as rock dust are outside the product's intended use and can degrade the quality of the hose quicker than intended.

What is the actual inside diameter of your ducting flex hose?

All of our clear, ducting flex hose (item #s beginning with DHF) are labeled with sizes referring to their inner diameter and maximum length. i.e. item # DHF060500 has an inner diameter of 6 inches and a maximum length of 5 feet.

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