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Floor Sander DCS Retrofit Handles

Ditch the cloth bag and replace the stock handle of your floor sander with one that accept a dust-free vacuum containment system. Choose from various models for use with popular Lagler, Bona, American, U-Sand, and K&T floor sanders. Oneida Vortex DCS cyclone and vacuum sold separately; Floor Sander not included.
As low as $195.00

Ditch The Bag. Start Your Dust-Free Tomorrow, Today!

This unique product installs quickly and easily onto the floor sander, replacing the stock handle and converting for use with a dust containment vacuum system, removing the need for cloth dust bags that leak fine dust and are messy to empty. Learn more about the benefits of dust containment.

This handle kit contains the retrofit handle/mount ONLY. Choice of handle is included with purchase of the full Oneida Vortex® DCS package.

  • Creates a clean and healthy work environment free of harmful airborne dust
  • Save time and money thanks to heavily reduced post-sanding cleanup times
  • Improves the performance of your sander by removing dust buildup on the floor
  • Provides for less frequent and more cost effective filter replacements
  • Removes the need for managing and emptying large cumbersome dust bags
  • Proudly made in the USA

Floor Sander Compatibility

Check to see if your floor sander is compatible with one of Oneida Air Systems' DCS Retrofit Handles.
Brand Model Retrofit Handle Item Number
American Sanders (Clarke) American 8/12 No Handle Required
American Sanders (Clarke) CF-12 No Handle Required
American Sanders (Clarke) EZ-8 #VSRSEZ000
American Sanders (Clarke) Floorcrafter 8" No Handle Required
Bona Belt-HD #VSRSKT000
Bona Orebro GMU No Handle Required
Bona ProSand Super 8/10 #VSRSBP080
Bona Universal 8/10 #VSRSBU000
Galaxy 506 No Handle Required
Galaxy Eagle 8 No Handle Required
Galaxy Omega 8 No Handle Required
Galaxy D12 No Handle Required
Galaxy Super 2000 Plus No Handle Required
Galaxy BD12 No Handle Required
Künzle & Tasin Taurus #VSRSKT000
Lägler HUMMEL 8" #VSRSLH000A
Pallmann Cobra II #VSRSPC000
Pallmann Cobra 8" #VSRSBP080
Pallmann King Cobra 10" #VSRSBP080
U-Sand Super Bee #VSRSCU000
Primary Build MaterialsCarbon Steel
Thickness.065" to .120"
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Warranty Information90 Day Limited Warranty
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Frequently Asked Questions
What's wrong with using a standard dust bag floor sanding system?

Bag systems fill quickly, clog quickly, and are extremely dusty. The more you sand the worse your air flow. After about 10 minutes of sanding, there is usually a drop in suction due to restricted air flow, which means leaving behind more material on the floor and in the air. Additionally, more dust on the floor means more work for your sander, meaning your abrasives wear away quicker.

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