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Heavy-Duty Dust Deputy 2" Cyclone 5 Gal. Deluxe Kit

Industrial steel cyclone kit for dust extractor's with 2" to 2.5" inlets; pre-separates over 90% of concrete dust and significantly extends the life of the filter and minimizes downtime for cleanup. OSHA compliance for the new silica dust safety standard. Includes mobility kit, bag holder, hose, and more!

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Prevents Fine Dusts from Clogging Your Vacuum's Filter!

The only thing more aggravating and time consuming than removing fine dusts like concrete, is unclogging the filter you cleaned it with. The dust gets everywhere and sticks to everything (including your lungs!). The Heavy Duty Dust Deputy® cyclone protects your vacuum filter from even the toughest dusts, including: concrete, silica, metal debris, soda blasting, hot ash/soot, and more!

With the Dust Deputy connected to your dust extractor, you'll save countless time and money on replacement parts and downtime for maintenance as you virtually eliminate filter clogging and suction loss! Our patented cyclone also helps contractors and construction crews become compliant to the new OSHA Silica Dust Safety Standard, especially when used with tools such as handheld grinders that specifically requires a cyclone separator.

Included Benefits & Features

  • Steel Cyclone Pre-Separator – Constructed from fully seam welded, heavy gauge steel; finished with a rust preventative powdercoat.
  • High Efficiency – Cyclonic force removes over 90% of fine dusts and bulk debris from the airstream, containing it before it ever reaches the vacuum filter! Efficiency rating is over 99% when used with larger materials such as wood dust, gravel, etc.
  • Universal Design – The Dust Deputy's patented design retrofits to nearly any make/model vacuum, including: Bosch, Dewalt, Ermator, Festool, Pullmann, Pulse-Bac, Ruwac, and more!
  • Quick Change Dust Bin – Includes two industrial, 5 gallon buckets lined with a gasket so the metal lid seals airtight when in operation; easily lifting off when the bin is full, no unsnapping or unscrewing needed!
  • Liner Bag Retainer – Allows the use of plastic liner bags within the buckets, perfect for tying off when filled for easy, mess-free waste disposal.
  • Mobility Kit – Move the unit with your vacuum with the included drum dolly and hold down straps. Lightweight dolly fits almost every container sold by Oneida Air Systems' (e.g. 5, 10, 17, 35, and 55 gallon).
  • Vacuum Hose & Accessories – Everything you need to connect the cyclone to your dust extractor's 2.5" inlet, including: 3' static conductive, crush resistant hose, 2" to 2.5" hose adapter, 2.5" hose couplers, adjustable hose clamps, and elbows.

Larger cyclone sizes (3", 4", etc.) are available for higher CFM applications. If you can't find what you're looking for, be sure to contact us to discuss your needs with a qualified dust collection technician.

How the Heavy Duty Dust Deputy Works
Shown with optional mobility kit and vacuum hose. Grinder and dust extractor not included.
Airflow RatingMinimum 50 CFM
Waste Capacity5 Gallon
Inlet Size2" O.D.
1-7/8" I.D.
Outlet Size2" O.D.
1-7/8" I.D.
Height to Center of Inlet27.625"
Primary Build MaterialsCold Rolled Steel, Plastic
Static Resistance RatingConductive (Metal)
ThicknessCyclone: 20 Gauge
WeldingFull Welded
ContentsSteel Cyclone Separator, 2x Buckets, Quick-Change Bucket Lid, Vacuum Hose, Hose Adapter, 2x Hose Connector, 2x Hose Clamps, 2x Hose Elbows, 5x Liner Bags, Bag Retainer System, Universal Drum Dolly, Rubber Gasket, Foam Gasket, Hardware
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Warranty Information1 Year Limited Warranty
Applicable PatentsPatent #7,282,074 B1 and #7,282,074 C1, #6,833,016 B2
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Frequently Asked Questions
Will the Dust Deputy cyclone work if my tool has its own fan blower?

In most cases, yes - but the cyclone's efficiency will vary based on whether your vacuum is also turned on.

The Dust Deputy cyclone needs a consistent airflow rate to "spin" the dust out of the airstream; If your tool's fan blower is pushing air in while your vacuum is also sucking air out, this can disrupt the airflow rate and reduce the cyclone's separation performance.

In many cases, the fan blower on tools (such as planers) cannot be turned off. If that is the case for you, try collecting your dust with the vacuum turned off. In doing so you will be creating a positive pressure system as the tool's fan blower pushes air through the Dust Deputy cyclone. This method may not work with every vacuum

My dust deputy makes a high, shrill sound when I turn on the shop vac. Any suggestions?

It is very likely that you have an air leak somewhere in your system. Particularly small leaks can create high pitch noises and can also affect the overall separation performance of the cyclone. Here are some common places where leaks may occur

  • Along the lid of the dust bin
  • Hose adapter fittings on the cyclone
  • Where the cyclone is mounted to the lid
  • Along the length of your hose

If you can't audibly pinpoint where the leak might be coming from, one of the simplest ways to check for air leaks is with a smoke test. Kits for this can be found at most local hardware stores (usually near the HVAC sections), but it's simple to make a small DIY version or even use incense sticks at home.

With the shop vacuum turned on, simply carry the smoke-stick along the perimeter of your cyclone system and check for where the smoke is drawn into the cyclone. That will show you where your air leak is.

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