Lean 6 Sigma Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing isn't a destination… it's a journey

Oneida Air Systems specializes in Lean Manufacturing; getting rid of waste and producing what your customers want, when they want it. This approach to running a manufacturing business, perfected over the years in the Automotive Industry, has been implemented at Oneida Air Systems to realize sustainable improvements within our organization.

You may have heard of ISO, QS and TS systems but not many are familiar with the benefits of Lean 6 Sigma systems. Lean 6 Sigma systems drill down to the process utilizing one piece flow (where possible) and data collection (through Sigma deviation) to improve the process. Lean Six Sigma is a concept that combines the Lean aspect and the Six Sigma resulting in the elimination of your process' eight wastes.

  • Team facilitation to create an environment of continuous improvement
  • Improved Control through improved process and standardized work flow
  • Lean facility, organizational and culture assessments
  • A full range of proven training programs
  • Executive mentoring
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • World Class 6S programs
  • Kan-Ban Inventory Management
  • Standardized Work Centers
  • Employee Empowerment