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Find answers to common questions regarding our snap-lock, spiral, and quick-clamp ductwork components and fittings.
Do you make custom ductwork components?
No, Oneida Air Systems does not manufacture custom parts to order. Our entire product offering is showcased on our online store and in our downloadable catalog. If a part is not shown in these places, we do not currently offer it.
Is your Quick-Clamp Duct compatible with Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting?
Yes! As long as the opening pipe diameters are the same, OAS Quick-Clamp Duct components can be combined and used interchangeably with Nordfab® QF ducting and other common clamp-together ductwork products.
What ductwork components work together?
While there are exceptions, dust collection ducting is typically designed to work with other components of the same type (e.g. Standard, Spiral, Quick-Clamp); you will need adapters to combine different types together. For example, if you want to connect your standard sheet metal ducting to newer, clamp together components, you'll need to install Machine Adapters into your standard duct. These adapters will convert your raw, standard duct so they can accept Quick-Clamp components.
How do I install Snap-Lock pipe?
Create pipe lengths by starting at the crimped end and snapping the two sides together. Hold together with one hand and move down the pipe as the seam snaps in. When you get halfway, it should snap fully closed. Click "Read More" for further instructions and images.
Will I need to hire a technician to install Quick-Clamp Duct?
No. Whether you're installing the duct yourself or installing for a customer, Oneida Air Systems' Quick-Clamp Duct is simple enough for anyone to use.
How do I connect Spiral Pipe components?
Industrial, spiral pipe components are raw on both ends. The simplest way to connect them is to use our Spiral Pipe Adapters; crimped on both ends, these fittings slip into each raw pipe and can be secured in place using machine screws or pop rivets.
What's the best way to apply foil tape on ductwork?
We've heard from many customers who've had great success using a simple Wallpaper Roller to smooth out their foil tape, giving a very smooth, clean look on your ducting. The roller helps smooth out air bubbles and crinkled marks while making it easier to get those hard to reach places on hanging ductwork. We do not carry this product but it can be found easily at your local hardware store or home renovation outlet.
What tools will I need to install Quick-Clamp Duct components?
Besides the standard tape measure, ladders, and any tools that maybe required for attaching hangers, all you'll need to install Quick-Clamp Duct is a saw (preferably a reciprocating/saws-all) to cut the duct for fitting to various lengths. But these are tools required by any ductwork installation. With Oneida Air Systems' Quick-Clamp Duct there's no riveting, no screws, and no welding required.
What hose and ductwork is compatible with the Supercell?
Only use vacuum pressure rated flex-hose and duct with the Supercell dust collector. Under the system's high suction, standard hose/pipe may collapse causing affixed tools to be pulled towards the system, potentially causing damage and/or injury.
What pressures will OAS Quick-Clamp Duct withstand?
Oneida Air Systems' Quick-Clamp Duct will withstand negative pressures in excess of 50 inches negative water pressure. The duct is NOT a high pressure positive duct.
Can Spiral Pipe be crimped?
No, not with common hand tools. Due to the pipe's heavy gauge and reinforced spiral beading, the pipe can only be crimped with a motorized press. It is much simpler to use Oneida Air Systems' spiral pipe adapters to couple spiral pipe components together.
Which direction should blast gates be installed?
Blast gates are designed to air seal in one direction with the plate toward the collector - tightening the thumbscrew toward the collector will result in less air leakage. Click "Read More" for further tips and images.
Does Snap-Lock ductwork need to be sealed after installation?
After the ductwork is in place, you must seal the ductwork to prevent air leaks. Click "Read More" for instructions.
What material do you suggest for ductwork underneath a poured concrete floor for a small shop?
A lot of customers use PVC pipe, but we don't recommend using it. We would instead recommend using our spiral ductwork since it's pretty substantial. However, it has to be coated so that it will be rust proof.
Should the inlet reducer for my dust collector be crimped or straight?
The inlets on all of our dust collectors are sized to fit standard ductwork. If you need a reducer to connect to ductwork that’s smaller than your collector’s inlet, the end of the reducer that connects to the inlet will need to be crimped, so that it will fit inside the inlet.
Is a Sleeve the same thing as an Adjustable Nipple?
Yes. It is the same exact part, but with a different name. It was updated to better reflect how the part works and what role it plays in the dust collection ductwork layout.
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