Find answers to common questions regarding our snap-lock, spiral, and quick-clamp ductwork components and fittings.
What's the best way to apply foil tape on ductwork?

We've heard from many customers who've had great success using a simple Wallpaper Roller to smooth out their foil tape, giving a very smooth, clean look on your ducting. The roller helps smooth out air bubbles and crinkled marks while making it easier to get those hard to reach places on hanging ductwork.

We do not carry this product but it can be found easily at your local hardware store or home renovation outlet.

Is OAS Quick-Clamp Duct compatible with Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting?

Yes! As long as the opening pipe diameters are the same, OAS Quick-Clamp Duct components can be combined and used interchangeably with Nordfab® QF ducting and other common clamp-together ductwork products.

What tools will I need to install Quick-Clamp Duct components?

Besides the standard tape measure, ladders, and any tools that maybe required for attaching hangers, all you'll need to install Quick-Clamp Duct is a saw (preferably a reciprocating/saws-all) to cut the duct for fitting to various lengths. But these are tools required by any ductwork installation. With Oneida Air Systems' Quick-Clamp Duct there's no riveting, no screws, and no welding required.

Will I need to hire a technician to install Quick-Clamp Duct?

No. Whether you're installing the duct yourself or installing for a customer, Oneida Air Systems' Quick-Clamp Duct is simple enough for anyone to use.

What is the total length of the Snap-Lock duct?

The total length will depend on what size you order. We offer light-duty pipe (26 gauge) in lengths of 24" and 60", and heavy-duty pipe (24 gauge) is available in 48" lengths.

You can view all of the snap-lock piping at this link: oneida-air.com/ductwork/standard-ducting/straight-piping.

What are the dimensions of the Ball Joint fittings?

The ball joints come in even dimensions from 4" to 12". See the table below for more information or check out the "Specifications" tab on each individual product, which has all this information and more!

Pipe Diameter Overall Length
4" 9.50"
6" 11.75"
8" 14.00"
10" 14.25"
12" 15.25"

What is the angular swivel range of the Quick-Clamp Duct Ball Joint?

All of our quick-clamp Ball Joint fittings have an angular swivel range of 0 to 22 degrees in any direction.

Please confirm if this is 30 degrees or 45 degree saddle tap wye

Oneida Air's saddle tap wye joints have a branch angled at 45 degrees off of the main line to provide optimal airflow performance.

What pressures will OAS Quick-Clamp Duct withstand?

Oneida Air Systems' Quick-Clamp Duct will withstand negative pressures in excess of 50 inches negative water pressure. The duct is NOT a high pressure positive duct.