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The Dust Deputy®

Oneida's patented, award-winning Dust Deputy® system will transform your vacuuum and the way you work. Standard wet/dry vacuums rely completely on their filter to capture and filter dust particles. The result is rapidly clogging filters and dramatically reduced suction after short use.

The Dust Deputy® cyclone system captures up to 99% of the dust before it reaches your vacuum, which means virtually no filter clogging or loss of suction. You will extend the life of your vacuum and filters which will save you money on replacements!

The Dust Deputy is injection molded from static dissipating plastic and is offered in several styles to fit your shop. Tapered inlet and outlet connections allow easy hose connections to a variety of hose styles and diameters.

The Dust Deputy® benefits anyone with a wet/dry vacuum (other kinds of vacuums work too!), not just woodworkers. Applications include wood dust, sanding dust, drywall dust, clay dust, concrete dust, bakery/flour dust, panel saws, dental laboratories, anthropology labs, corn stoves, pet grooming, central vacuum systems... the list goes on and on!

Dust Deputy® Systems For Wet/Dry Vacuums

The Dust Deputy® Deluxe
The complete kit to get you started. Includes the cyclone, mounting hardware, two 5 gallon buckets, casters, and hose. Just assemble and connect to your vacuum. Also available, a version of the Deluxe kit with one 10 gallon steel drum.

Dust Deputy® DIY Cyclone
For the do-it-yourselfer, contains just the cyclone. Use your own container, any size or shape. As long as it's air-tight, you're good to go!

The Ultimate Dust Deputy®
Use with any vacuum, or turn your Festool into a three stage high performance vacuum system (Festool vacuum not included). Larger 9 gallon industrial plastic box, with plastic bag hold down system built right in.

Industrial Steel Dust Deputy®
Available in a DIY, cyclone only version, or a complete Deluxe kit. More rugged and durable than the static dissipating plastic version, for use in industrial settings or jobs that call for tougher equipment.

The Super Dust Deputy® For Single Stage Dust Collectors

Turn your inefficient single stage bag collector into a two stage cyclone system using your existing blower! Get the available drum kit, or use your own... any size or shape as long as it's air-tight.

You can also couple the Super Dust Deputy® with our HEPA Media Filter Conversion Kit for even cleaner air in your shop!