Warranty Policy & Activation

Oneida Air Systems®, Inc. (OAS) warrants the products it manufactures for a period of 1 or more years, depending on the product, to the original purchaser from the date of purchase, unless otherwise specified. Items not manufactured by OAS are limited to their own manufacturer's warranties. All electrical items such as magnetic starters, remotes, sensors, pumps, bin sensors, bag grippers, etc. and accessories are limited to 90 days. Oneida Air Systems warrants that the product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

This is Oneida Air Systems' sole written warranty and any and all warranties that may be implied by law, including any merchantability or fitness, for any particular purpose, are hereby limited to the duration of this written warranty. OAS does not warrant or represent that the merchandise complies with the provisions of any law or acts unless the manufacturer so warrants. This warranty does not apply to defects due directly or indirectly to misuse, negligence, accidents, abuse, repairs, alterations, improper wiring or lack of maintenance. In no event shall OAS' liability under this warranty exceed the purchase price paid for the product and any legal actions brought against Oneida Air Systems shall be tried in the State of New York, County of Onondaga.

The buyer is cautioned to install and operate Dust Collectors in accordance with prescribed Federal, State, OSHA, NFPA, local codes and regulations. This equipment should be installed/wired by a licensed electrician following all applicable codes. Local codes can be significantly different from national codes. The customer assumes the responsibility for contacting their insurance underwriter with regard to specific application requirements of venting or if additional fire protection and safety equipment may be required. Oneida Air Systems shall in no event be liable for death, injuries to persons or property or for incidental, and contingent, special, or consequential damages arising from the use of our product.

Oneida Air Systems (OAS) makes every effort to accurately represent our products and prices, however OAS reserves the right to make changes to products and prices at any time. As a manufacturer, OAS reserves the right to change product specifications at any time in an effort to achieve better quality products.

All information presented on any Oneida Air Systems website is the sole property of Oneida Air Systems, Inc. unless otherwise noted.

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Product Warranty Periods

Product Category Warranty Period
Remote Control 90 Days
Dust Sentry Bin Level Sensor 90 Days
Magnetic Starter 90 Days
VFD Controller 90 Days
Dust Deputy Cyclone 1 Year
Super Dust Deputy Cyclone 1 Year
Ultimate Dust Deputy Cyclone Kit 1 Year
Heavy-Duty Dust Deputy Cyclone 1 Year
Universal Dust-Free Router Hood 1 Year
Dust Cobra Dust Extractor 1 Year
Oneida Vortex Dust Containment System 1 Year
Mini Gorilla Dust Collector 1 Year
V-System Dust Collector 1 Year
Rotary Air Lock Valve 1 Year
Dust Gorilla Pro Dust Collector 2 Years
High Vacuum Dust Collection System 2 Years
Direct Drive Dust Collection System 2 Years
Transfer Blower 2 Years
Viper Vacuum Scraper 5 Years