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Owner's Manual Archive

Thanks to our high standard for quality and service, many of Oneida Air Systems' customers are still using the same products they purchased decades ago! With that in mind, we've done our best to gather together all of the old product documentation we've issued in the past. We hope this resource proves useful for our original customers and for those who've bought used systems or had them handed down to them over the years.

Products and prices shown in archived manuals are invalid and do not necessarily reflect current item availability.

How do I know which manual to use?
Our manuals and products have all changed over the years, but you'll find that the files below are organized by product type and date. In some cases you'll find the manuals are separated by horsepower but in later years are merged into one manual. The year on each file will refer to the original manufactured date for your product. If you're not sure when the system was made, but you purchased it directly from Oneida Air Systems, you can contact us and we'll be able to check our records to find which owner's manual is right for you.
If I purchased a used system, where can I find what product and date to use?
First, check the unit for any stickers or logos that would indicate the model i.e. Mini-Gorilla, V-System, etc. Then, if it's a motorized system, look for an ETL or CE sticker on the unit's fan housing that will have a manufactured date on it. If you can't find any stickers, either because the previous owner removed them or the unit was too old, take a full, clean picture of the system and email it to our service team ([email protected]) for further assistance.

Belt/Pulley Driven Dust Collector
Commercial Dust Collector
Component Dust Collector
Direct Drive Dust Collector
Dust Cobra Vacuum
Dust Deputy Cyclone
Dust POD Dust Collector
High-Vacuum Dust Collector
Gorilla Vac
Mini-Gorilla Dust Collector
Oneida Vac Systems
Vortex Dust Containment Systems (DCS)
Portable Dust Collector
Portable Dust Gorilla Dust Collector
Pro Series Dust Collector
SMART High-Vacuum Dust Collector
SMART Portable Dust Collector
SMART Pro Series Dust Collector
Super Dust Gorilla Dust Collector
V-System Dust Collector
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