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6 Reasons for Choosing Oneida Air Systems

6 Reasons for Choosing Oneida Air Systems
6 Reasons for Choosing Oneida Air Systems

For many shop owners, dust collection can be one of the toughest purchasing decisions they need to make. Trying to understand the science behind dust collection can be a daunting task, and hunting through forums and outdated reviews doesn't exactly inspire confidence for someone looking to invest wisely in their shop.

That's why the #1 question we're asked by prospective customers is always, "Why should I choose Oneida Air Systems?" We believe the following points will help make your decision a little easier.

1. U.S. Manufacturing & Components

All the products we manufacture are designed right here in Syracuse, New York. With every decision we think about our community, our partners, and our customers in order to best exemplify the principles of “Made in USA”. That's why the majority of our products are fabricated and assembled under our roof, with some components and accessories from other world-class American manufacturers.

We’re committed to using only the highest quality U.S. materials, from static dissipative resin to heavy gauge steel. With those high-quality materials and our superior craftsmanship, our products are built to last a lifetime. When you buy from Oneida Air Systems, not only do you get a world-class American-made product, you’re also supporting the Syracuse community and U.S. manufacturing as a whole.

2. Superior Cyclonic Separation

Single-stage or bag-style dust collectors lose suction very quickly as their filters become clogged with fine dust. Our cyclones create a two-stage dust collection system which allows the dust collector to move as much air as physically possible while separating out dust and debris to protect the filter. That means less downtime for filter cleaning, continuously high suction, and significantly prolonged filter life.

Our signature cyclone shape is engineered for the optimal ratio of diameter and height, providing a class-leading 99% separation rate. Oneida Air Systems' optimized cyclones will keep your filter cleaner for longer, saving you time and money!

99% separation rate

3. Unbeatable Airflow Performance

Our systems are engineered for maximum performance, and our team of designers continues to push the boundaries of what's possible. As the industry leader in dust collection, we refuse to settle for just “good enough”. That’s why our products deliver unbeatable airflow.

The single-piece molded impellers found in many of our systems minimize air resistance and put less strain on the motor when compared to heavier welded steel equipment. Plus, our high-quality U.S.-made motors provide long-lasting performance. We publish Actual CFM ratings for our systems instead of Free-Fan ratings so that you know exactly what you’re getting. You can always count on us to deliver what we advertise.

Molded impeller

4. High-Quality Filtration

Fine dust can cause equipment failure, create workshop hazards, and cause serious health issues over time. Extremely efficient filters are needed to handle the smallest particles, which is why Oneida Air Systems uses independently tested filter media to provide superior filtration. Our uniquely designed filters feature wide-spaced pleats and a large filtration area to reduce clogging and to make cleaning as easy as possible. These high-quality filters will keep you happy and healthy while you work!

For even easier cleaning, our high-pressure systems feature our Internal Rapid Pulse Filter Cleaner™ technology. A few quick taps on the pulse bar temporarily reverses the system's airflow, blasting dust off of the filter and safely into the drum below. This "touchless" technology is far superior to mechanical filter cleaners that damage the filter media over time, shorten its lifespan, and allow more dust particles to pass through.

High airflow performance, minimal pressure drop

5. Friendly & Professional Service

We're committed to delivering exceptional service and support, and our friendly and knowledgeable team is always just a phone call away. We put our customers first, and we’re ready to immediately address any concerns you may have.

For professional guidance, our duct design service offers you the unique opportunity to talk to some of the most experienced technicians in the industry. We’ll work with you to develop a customized solution to suit your individual application. From design through installation, Oneida Air Systems is with you every step of the way.

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6. Unwavering Focus

At Oneida Air Systems, dust collection is all we do. And no one does it better. Period. Our dedication to creating great dust collection systems is the reason we're the industry leader, and it's the reason our customers have been using and loving our products for almost three decades.

OAS Welder

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Michael Anthony
I have a 16 gallon 6.5hp craftsman wet dry vacuum with 2.5 hose in in a small in home back room with table 10" saw 12"band saw two CNC machines a 12x33" wood lathe and 6x4x36 belt sander orbital sander looking for something that will help with dust control . Any recommendations would be great. Thank you
Oneida Air Systems
For your tools (particularly the band saw, lathe, and belt sander) a wet/dry vacuum is not going to provide enough airflow (CFM) to properly collect dust. We would recommend our 1.5HP Mini Gorilla (if you do not have fixed ducting and would prefer something that's only connected to one tool at a time), our V-System (if you have static ductwork and may need multiple tools operating at once), or our Supercell (if you are in need of a premium option for your CNC machine and are only using one tool at once). If all of those recommendations are beyond your price range at this time, our new Dust Deputy 2.5 cyclone would be well suited for upgrading your craftsman vacuum into a 2-stage dust control system.
Darwin Strider
Do you have the EU/UK Declaration of Conformity, RoHs, and RoHs II?
Oneida Air Systems
We offer specialized CE Marked systems for the European market. For other products, contact our team directly and we will provide necessary declarations as they're available (we cannot offer these for all items but will provide what we can). Please note that we do not ship products internationally ourselves. Review our resellers page at oneida-air.com/international
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