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Ultimate Dust Deputy Kit

96% of 100
Integrates directly onto Festool CT Dust Extractors, removing over 99% of airborne dust debris to eliminate filter clogging and suction loss - saving valuable time and money! Includes cyclone separator, 9 gallon Systainer compatible waste bin, liner bag retainer system, connection hose, and hardware.

Tired Of Buying Expensive Filters & Dust Bags?

Dust extractors owners, particularly tradesmen and contractors, are well aware of the cost of replacement vacuum parts. No matter if you're woodworking, drywalling, or renovating, a clogged filter can cost you valuable time and money; both on the job-site and in the store.

With Oneida Air Systems' Ultimate Dust Deputy® (UDD) cyclone, you can convert your wet/dry vacuum into a seamless three-stage dust extraction system. Our patented cyclone design removes over 99% of airborne dust and debris, containing it in an easy to empty dust bin, before it ever reaches the filter. By pre-separating both the larger debris and the finer dust particles, the UDD virtually eliminates filter clogging and suction loss, allowing your vacuum to operate at maximum efficiency at all times and saving you money on expensive replacements!

  • Industrial static conductive Dust Deputy cyclone separator
  • Lightweight 9 Gallon dust bin with integrated carry handles features T-Loc Systainer ports that installs directly onto Festool® CT Dust Extractors *
  • Plastic liner bag retainer system allows for easy waste disposal. Just tie the bag off and toss it out - no more messy dust clouds!
  • 2" x 5' static conductive vacuum connection hose with 90° elbow adapters preserves grounding pathway

*Due to it's size, the UDD will protrude slightly when installed on CT Mini and CT Midi vacuums. Additional measures may be needed to mount the cyclone kit.

Honest Reviews From Your Fellow Craftsmen

Check out these great installation and review videos provided by some of our biggest fans!

Eric from The Poplar Shop reviews the Ultimate Dust Deputy for his Festool CT26 Vacuum and gives it a test run with his router and belt sander.
Peter from New Brit Workshop gives his professional evaluation on our Festool cyclone kit. Skip to 1:50 for his review of the current static conductive model.

Maintaining The Static Grounding Pathway

Static is an inherent problem when you combine wood dust, plastics, and friction. That's why we've designed the Ultimate Dust Deputy using static conductive and static dissipative components; ensuring that it maintains a continuous grounding path from the tool to the vacuum's grounded inlet when used with anti-static tool hoses.

Airflow RatingMinimum 50 CFM
Waste Capacity9 Gallon
Inlet Size2" O.D. (Tapered)
1-3/4" I.D.
Outlet Size2" O.D. (Tapered)
1-3/4" I.D.
Discharge Size3" I.D.
Primary Build MaterialsSD Polyethylene
Static Resistance RatingStatic Conductive
Height to Center of Inlet26.625"
ContentsCyclone, Systainer Box, Hose, 2x Elbow Adapters, Bag Gripper, Gasket, 3x Liner Bags, Hardware
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Warranty Information1 Year Limited Warranty
Applicable PatentsU.S. Patent #7282074, #D632443, #D632854, #D638179, #D668409, #6833016
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Frequently Asked Questions
Does the Dust Deputy work with the new Festool CT units that have the T-Loc system to hold the systainer???

Yes! The Ultimate Dust Deputy is adaptable to all Midi and Mini Festool vacs. The new vacs do require you to rotate the systainer box 180 degrees.

Can you explain this California Proposition Black Carbon warning? Cancer?

By California law, Oneida Air Systems is required to provide advance notice to customers of potentially hazardous materials included in our products. This requirement is enforced regardless of how much of that material is present in the actual product.

The black, static dissipative resin used to create this cyclone separator contains carbon black, which is a chemical considered as "possibly carcinogenic to humans" (Group 2B) when the chemical is an airborne, particulate form. This form would not be typical of normal use of the cyclone, but the law requires this statement be provided regardless.

Is it possible to just by the part that has four green latches on which waste bin sits? What is the part number and how to order?

The part you are describing is the Festool CT vacuum - we do not sell that product, though you should be able to find it online fairly easily.

Will the Dust Deputy cyclone work if my tool has its own fan blower?

In most cases, yes - but the cyclone's efficiency will vary based on whether your vacuum is also turned on.

The Dust Deputy cyclone needs a consistent airflow rate to "spin" the dust out of the airstream; If your tool's fan blower is pushing air in while your vacuum is also sucking air out, this can disrupt the airflow rate and reduce the cyclone's separation performance.

In many cases, the fan blower on tools (such as planers) cannot be turned off. If that is the case for you, try collecting your dust with the vacuum turned off. In doing so you will be creating a positive pressure system as the tool's fan blower pushes air through the Dust Deputy cyclone. This method may not work with every vacuum

How do I troubleshoot an air leak with my Dust Deputy cyclone?

Even a small leak can significantly affect the overall separation performance of the cyclone. Here are some common places where leaks may occur:

  • Along the lid of the dust bin
  • Hose adapter fittings on the cyclone
  • Where the cyclone is mounted to the lid
  • Along the length of your hose

If you can't audibly pinpoint where the leak might be coming from, one of the simplest ways to check for air leaks is with a smoke test. Kits for this can be found at most local hardware stores (usually near the HVAC sections), but it's simple to make a small DIY version or even use incense sticks at home.

With the shop vacuum turned on, simply carry the smoke-stick along the perimeter of your cyclone system and check for where the smoke is drawn into the cyclone. That will show you where your air leak is.

Can I use this cyclone with smoldering or abrasive debris?

No. This cyclone is designed for use with light debris such as wood dust. For heavy-duty applications with highly abrasive or smoldering materials, we recommend our steel, Heavy-Duty Dust Deputy kits instead.

Is it possible to buy just the waste bin?

The waste bin is not available as a standalone item, but if you are an existing owner of the Dust Deputy then we can readily offer you a replacement for any damaged components. Please contact our service department to order.

  California Residents: Please visit for information regarding Proposition 65 for our products.

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