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Heavy-Duty Dust Deputy 2" DIY Cyclone Separator

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Pre-separates airborne dust and debris to prevent vacuum filter clogging. Full-welded heavy gauge steel for industrial applications such as concrete grinding and other abrasive materials. Assists with OSHA compliance for new silica dust safety standards. Includes cyclone, hose adapters, gasket and mounting hardware.

Build Your Own Industrial Cyclonic Vacuum System

Tired of using your shop vacuum for sanding and getting poor results? Oneida's patented Industrial Steel Dust Deputy will transform your wet/dry vacuum! Attach the Dust Deputy and sand for hours without worrying about your filter clogging or experiencing loss of suction!

The heavy-duty cyclone's seam-welded construction and power-coat finish ensure that it lasts through even the toughest applications. With its 2" diameter inlet and outlet (and included adapter) you'll be able to use the Dust Deputy with any type of wet/dry shop vacuum.

The unique design of the cyclone removes over 99% of dust from the air stream and deposits it below; stopping the dust before it ever reaches the filter! You'll enjoy longer filter life and faster workflow with the help of the Dust Deputy (also available in a molded, anti-static resin model)

Airflow RatingMinimum 50 CFM
Waste CapacityCustomizeable
Inlet Size2" O.D.
1-7/8" I.D.
Outlet Size2" O.D.
1-7/8" I.D.
Discharge Size3" I.D.
Height to Center of Inlet10.125"
Primary Build MaterialsCold Rolled Steel
Static Resistance RatingConductive (Metal)
Thickness20 Gauge
WeldingSpot Welded
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Warranty Information1 Year Limited Warranty
Applicable PatentsPatent #7,282,074 B1 and #7,282,074 C1, #6,833,016 B2
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use this steel cyclone with smoldering or abrasive debris?

Yes, absolutely. This cyclone is built with heavy-gauge, powder coated steel for industrial applications collecting highly abrasive or smoldering materials e.g. hot ash/soot, blasting powders, concrete, grinding dust, etc. Please note that you should also ensure that your vacuum/dust collector is rated to accept these same types of materials i.e. do not collect hot/smoldering materials if your vacuum isn't normally capable of collecting this type of waste.

Does the steel cyclone have the same performance as your resin models?

Yes! Both our molded resin and cold-rolled steel Dust Deputy® Cyclones use the same patented design to pre-separate over 99% of dust and debris, protecting your vacuum and filter from clogs and suction loss. The only difference between the cyclones is their durability.

Does the Steel Dust Deputy have tapered inlets like your resin models?

No. The Steel Dust Deputy has straight 2" inlet and outlet ports. A 2.25" Hose Adapter and Hose Coupler are included with the steel Deluxe and DIY kits to simplify hose connections for customers.

Is the steel Dust Deputy cyclone rust-proof?

In short, no. The steel cyclone has a powder-coat finish, ensuring that it's durable and rust resistant, but if you expect to have your cyclone exposed to water on a regular basis (e.g. exposed to harsh weather, submerged in water, etc.) we recommend you find additional covering to prevent corrosion over time.

What shop vacuum do you recommend for the Dust Deputy?

The Dust Deputy can be used with any make, model, or size wet/dry vacuum. We recommend that it has an airflow rating of at least 50 CFM to ensure optimum dust separation performance.

What type of dust bin works best?

You can use any shape or size container for your Dust Deputy cyclone. Keep in mind that the smaller the container, the more often you'll have to empty it.The dust container you provide must be able to be sealed airtight and must be strong enough to withstand the pressure created by your vacuum. For plastic buckets we recommend at least a 90 mil. wall thickness otherwise the container may collapse when in use.

Why should I choose the metal version of your Dust Deputy cyclone?

The Industrial Steel Dust Deputy is built for the toughest applications. If you're going to be sucking up large amounts of highly abrasive materials such as metals and gravel, the heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel cyclone will perform better and longer than our injection molded models.It's also ideal if you're expecting to suck up high-temperature materials such as hot coals and ash.

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