What is SMART Boost Technology?

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What is SMART Boost Technology?
October 30, 2017 No comments

Our unique SMART Boost™ monitors your system for any suction loss and automatically adjusts the fan motor's speed to compensate - delivering maximum air volume for a wide range of tools and delivering higher suction at the cutter head where you need it the most!

If you have a shop that is going to be running more than one tool at a time - SMART Boost technology allows you to do just that without worrying about effecting the airflow of one port by opening a blast gate of another port. It intelligently adjusts to the conditions without diminishing the airflow to the tool you are working on. This patented dust control solution is especially well-suited for CNC machines and other mixed/smaller port size applications.

Standard System Vs. SMART Boost System

How Does SMART Boost Work?

In a typical system, air moves at a fixed rate within the ducting at rate equal to the velocity multiplied by the area (CFM = FPM×A). However, this causes an issue in smaller piping as a standard, fixed RPM fan blower cannot move the air any faster to make up for the reduced area. This reduces the system's overall CFM performance and creates suction loss at those smaller ports.

Our patented SMART Boost technology directly measures resistance placed on the fan motor and automatically increases the fan's speed to compensate when suction is low, ensuring that the motor always works at peak performance levels!

Available Now for Select Dust Collection Systems: