Static Resistance - Frequently Asked Questions

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Static Resistance - Frequently Asked Questions
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How is static resistance measured?

Static resistance is measured in Ohms (Ω) and can be measured using what are called Ohm meters (a common instrument in most workshops). Resistance measurements will fall somewhere between 0 (for a truly conductive material such as metal or water) and infinity (for truly insulative materials such as rubber and fabrics). Resistance measurements for plastic materials with some level of conductivity are usually measured in Mega-Ohms (MΩ). 1 Mega-Ohm = 1,000,000 (1 million) Ohms.

What are Anti-Static, Static Dissipative & Static Conductive materials?

These terms refer to the range of conductivity the materials have. Going from more to less conductive you have Static Conductive (104 – 106 Ohms), Static Dissipative (106 – 109 Ohms) and then Anti-Static (1010 Ohms). See Figure

Static Resistance Ranges
Note that not every basic Ohm meter can measure resistance in Mega-Ohms.

How does this apply to my Oneida Air Systems product?

Any dust collection environment can be prone to static charge buildup. Because of this, Oneida Air uses metal, anti-static, static dissipative, and static conductive materials in our products. Refer to the table below for more info:

Anti-Static Dust Deputy® DIY cyclone
Dust Deputy® Deluxe cyclone kit
Static Dissipative V-System™ dust collector
Dust Cobra® dust collector
Mini-Gorilla® dust collector
Super Dust Deputy® cyclones
Molded fan housings
Molded filter plenums
Static Conductive Dust Deputy® DIY SD cyclone
Ultimate Dust Deputy® cyclone kit
Metals Heavy-Duty Dust Deputy® kits
Dust Gorilla® Pro dust collector
High Vacuum™ dust collector
Direct Drive dust collection systems
Snap-lock ductwork
Spiral Pipe ductwork
Quick-Clamp Duct components
Mixed Clear Wire-Reinforced Ducting Flex Hose
Hose material is not conductive, but the wire inside is. Bare wire should be connected on both ends to conductive surfaces to ground the assembly