Unveiling the Newest Product in the Dust Deputy Series

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Unveiling the Newest Product in the Dust Deputy Series
March 1, 2017 No comments

The Latest Innovation for Small Shop Dust Collection

Super Dust Deputy Deluxe kit connected to single stage dust collector

You asked and we answered! In our commitment to providing the best dust control products for our customers, we researched how the Super Dust Deputy cyclone's were being installed and found that a new system was needed. We answered the call by creating the Super Dust Deputy 4" Deluxe Kit to help our customers that have dust collectors and tools with 4" ports. We also simplified installation time and cost by integrating the new cyclone separator with a molded, airtight dust bin lid.

The Super Dust Deputy 4" cyclone is molded from an industrial, abrasion resistant resin. This material is very strong, but more importantly, it allows for the conveyance of static charge build-up to an electrical ground, so that you and your machines are not affected by harmful discharges. As always, we have engineered the cyclone to separate out 99% of dust and debris so that your waste is contained into a bin instead of in your dust collection filter or, even worse, the air.

Unique Benefits & Features

  • Prevents both fine dust and large debris from reaching your dust collector
  • Deluxe kit includes a lightweight, 15 gallon dust bin with quick-release latch
  • Prolongs the lifespan of the filter while reducing the need for cleanings
  • Ultra-high efficiency with integrated air ramp and 4" neutral-vane inlet
  • Tapered intake and exhaust ports allow for easy, friction fit flex-hose connections.
  • Lightweight and compact design for fast and simple installations
  • Compatible with almost any dust collector (e.g. Delta, Grizzly, Harbor Freight, Jet, etc.)
  • Cyclone molded from an industrial, abrasion resistant HDPE resin
  • Static dissipative construction safely conveys static charge build-up to the electrical ground, preventing harmful discharges