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Replacement Dust Cobra HEPA Filter (post-2013)

High efficiency True-HEPA media cartridge filter for specific Dust Cobra® (pre 2013), Ridgid®, and Craftsman® wet/dry vacuums. Unique non-stick surface coating resists clogging and makes it quick and easy to clean. Perfect for use with drywall, concrete, wood, cold ash, and other fine dusts.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique filter construction allows for high airflow performance without clogging - NO pre-loading required
  • Certified HEPA filtration (99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns) traps the finest dusts - eliminating dust clouds
  • Internal aluminum cage structure provides additional support and resists rusting
  • Super durable filter material can be cleaned over and over again by tapping or rinsing
  • Non-stick filter membrane facilitates cleaning of any material
  • Can be used in wet/dry applications (note that the Dust Cobra is a dry only vacuum)
Filter Media TypeCleanStream HEPA
Filtration Efficiency99.97% @ 0.3 microns
Filter End TypeDome Top
ReinforcementInternal Wire Cage
Inner Diameter4-3/8"
Outer Diameter7-1/8"
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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I install the dome top cleanstream filter?

Remove old filter and clean sealing surface on lid. Carefully slide opening of filter over cage. Push bottom of filter firmly down until it seats on the filter post. Place enclosed rubber washer on the threaded post. Secure filter in place with existing filter nut. Do not over tighten. Do not use filter plate supplied with vac.Important Safety Information Important: For liquid pick-up, do not fill above inlet or spillage will occur. Warning: DO NOT vacuum oily or hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, pesticides or other health endangering materials. DO NOT vacuum burning objects, embers or warm fireplace debris. Warning: Remove plug from outlet before removing the tank cover.

How often should I clean the filter?

This can vary widely depending on how often your dust collector is used, and what kind of dusts it's exposed to. You should typically clean it only once you've noticed a considerable drop in suction performance. In our experience this can be around 1x per year, but with heavy amounts of sanding it could be as often as 1x per month. A pressure meter such as our Filter Efficiency Gauge can also be used to monitor pressure buildup.

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